Behaviors That Make You Seem Stupid

The fewer of these you carry out, the more intelligent you'll show up.

Posted March 17, 2016 | Reviewed by Kaja Perina


Of course, many kind of intelligent human being execute some of the following, but the more of them you perform, the more likely you"ll be regarded as, well, not the brightest crayon in the box.

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Do you execute any of these?

Mispronounce words, for instance, "heighth" rather of "height," "nucular" rather of "nuclear," "excetera" instead of "etcetera," "irregardless" instead of "regardless," "jewlery" rather of "jewelry", "libary" instead of "library," "duck tape" rather of "duct tape," "aks" rather of "ask."

Make fundamental grammatical errors. "I don"t problem around nopoint." "He sings great." "He was not hardly finiburned."

Frequently utilizing a vague phrase rather of a particular, for example, I prefer boating, camping, and also stuff."

Sound cock-sure of yourself as soon as you regularly turn out to be wrong. Consider your track record. Are you frequently enough right or at least defensible?Make black-and-white statements as soon as gray is required. That"s especially dangerous once you"re not an professional. But even if you are, more regularly than not, nuance is forced. For example, it"s risky to say, "This is appropriate." Safer: "While I"ve checked out cases in which this is wrong, for example, X, normally it"s ideal." Of course, tright here are times to be definitive. Just be certain the risk/reward ratio is good.
Rambling utterances. Smart human being are generally concise and also when speaking for much longer than a minute, make the framework of their utterance clear, and also they do not ramble off-topic.
Insisting on complying with the rules through also few exceptions. Intelligent world weigh the risk/reward of breaking a ascendancy on a case-by instance basis and also think about feasible options.Saying you believe in fate, for instance, "It was expected to be." "Things occur for a factor." "Maybe it"s a sign."
You admit to seeing a psychic, using tarot cards, talk around your astrological sign or horoscope, and/or that you think in previous stays.You gush about pop culture: adoring a celebrity, sitcom, or sporting activities team.
Buying items that clearly aren"t worth the money, specifically if you"re not rich: Coach purses, Rolex watches, BMWs and Jags, expensive jewelry, and so on.Appearing weird. Bizarre, as well fashion-forward outfits, many piercings, tattoos, and so on Of course, some brilliant human being are visually inexplicable yet a lot of civilization feel that avant-garde appearance doesn"t appear intelligent.

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Especially spending a lot of time and also money on appearance. Smart human being mainly think, "If you"re devoting that a lot to your wrapping, you may be trying to hide the product inside, or at least that you usage your time and also money poorly. Facebook"s Mark Zuckerberg famously described why he usually wears the exact same gray tee shirt: "I really desire to clear my life so I need to make as few decisions as possible about anything other than just how to finest serve this neighborhood,"

The last point you desire is for civilization to think your light"s on yet nobody"s house. So if you execute any type of of the above, could you desire to usage your intelligence to change?

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Marty Nemko, Ph.D., is a career and also personal coach based in Oakland, The golden state, and the writer of 10 publications. 


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