1. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, Shakespeare composed cshed to a 1/10 of the most quoted lines ever before composed or spoken in English.What’s more, according to the Literary Encyclopaedia, Shakespeare is the second a lot of quoted English writer after the authors of the Bible.

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2. Shakespeare has actually been credited by the Oxford English Thesaurus via presenting almost 3,000 words to the English language. Estimations of his vocabulary variety from 17,000 to 29,000 words – at leastern double the number of words offered by the average conversationalist.

3. Shakespeare never before publiburned his plays. They are known today just bereason 2 of his fellow actors – John Hemminges and also Henry Condell – recorded and publimelted 36 of them posthumously under the name The First Folio, which is the source of all Shakespeare publications publimelted.

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5. Aside from writing 38 plays and creating 154 sonnets, Shakespeare was also an established actor. He perdeveloped in many of his very own plays and those of his contemporaries, such as Ben Jonson.

6. “William Shakespeare” is an anagram of “I am a weakish speller”, “I’ll make a wise phrase”, “Lame Swahili speaker” and “Hear me as I will certainly speak”.

7. The moons of Uranus are named after Shakespearean characters. The moons were originally named in 1852 after magical spirits from English literary works. The International Astronomy Union subsequently developed the convention to name all further moons of Uranus (of which tbelow are 27) after characters in Shakespeare’s plays or Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock.


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8. Shakespeare had actually close relationships through King James I. The King made the actors of Shakespeare’s agency ‘Grooms of Chamber’, in response Shakespeare adjusted the company’s name from the ‘Lord Chamberlain’s Men’ to the ‘King’s Men’. The brand-new title made Shakespeare a favourite with the King and in much demand for Court performances.

9. Unprefer a lot of artists of his time, Shakespeare passed away a very wealthy male through a big residential property portfolio. He was a brilliant businessmale – forming a joint-stock agency via his actors interpretation he took a share in the company’s earnings, and earning a fee for each play he created.

10. Tright here are even more than 80 variations recorded for the spelling of Shakespeare’s name. In the few original signatures that have endured, Shakespeare spelt his name “Willm Shaksp,” “William Shakespe,” “Wm Shakspe,” “William Shakspere,” ”Willm Shakspere,” and also “William Shakspeare”. There are no records of him ever before having actually spelt it “William Shakespeare”, as we recognize him now.

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11. The original Globe Theatre concerned a premature finish in 1613 throughout a performance of Henry VIII, as soon as a cannon set light to the thatched roof. Within two hrs the theatre was charred to the ground. It was rebuilt in 1614.

12. The Royal Shakespeare Company kind of sells more than half a million tickets a year for Shakespeare productions at their theatres in Stratford-on-Avon, London and also Newcastle.

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13. Nobody knows Shakespeare’s true birthday. It’s commemorated on April 23 – 3 days prior to his baptism, which was tape-recorded on April 26, 1564. However, as Shakespeare was born under the old Julian calendar, what was April 23 during Shakespeare’s life would actually be May 3 according to today’s Gregorian calendar.

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