Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan

The primary protagonist of the novel, Cassie is a sixteen-year-old girl defined as short via curly strawberry-blonde hair. She was an average girl prior to the intrusion, introspective and also a little disappointed by the quality of her social life. Her mommy passed away in the 3rd wave and her father was executed by Commander Vosch at the refugee camp the Sullivans were remaining at. Her younger brother, Sammy, is taken away through the remainder of the children to Camp Haven. She is later swarm and rescued by Evan Walker, whom she starts a relationship via and later finds out to be a Silencer. Although suspicious of him, she goes via him to Camp Haven to rescue Sammy and also Ben Parish, a boy she had actually a crush on back in school.

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Evan Walker/the Silencer

Evan is a brawny, good-looking boy from rural Ohio whose household was wiped out in the 3rd wave. He is a Silencer and also rescues Cassie after shooting her. They end up being romantically involved. He then goes via Cassie to Camp Haven and also disshows up inside, however manages to obtain Cassie, Sammy, and Ben out.

Ben Parish

Ben is a famous footround player and honors student in the very same high college as Cassie. He contracts the plague in the third wave however is "rescued" and also taken to Camp Haven, wbelow he is provided the nickname "Zombie." The rest of his family members, unfortunately, passed away. He finds out that the soldiers are actually aliens in disguise and inevitably escapes via Cassie and Sammy. Ben becomes favor an older brother to Sammy.


Mitchell is a boy to whom Cassie lent a highlighter on the 3rd day of the waves. He and Cassie go on a Starbucks date in her backyard and talk about the intrusion.


Cassie"s father is a sweet, gentle guy who hovers in the background as soon as Cassie is on dates and mirrors her the stars. He enjoys movies prefer Close Encounters, E.T., and also Star Trek. He dies once the soldiers who involved "rescue" them load up the children on institution bsupplies and also then kill the adults. He helps Cassie escape this fate by sending her to fetch Crisco ago.

Sammy Sullivan/Nugget

Cassie"s younger brvarious other was taken ameans to Camp Haven, wright here he goes by the name Nugget. He provided Cassie his teddy bear so she wouldn"t be scared and also she is figured out to find him aobtain. He eventually escapes through Ben and Cassie.


Cassie"s mother died in the third wave of the afflict. She enjoys watching TLC while cooking.


Lizbeth is Cassie"s excellent frifinish whom she messages about Mitchell and Ben; she is presumed dead.


A greasy-haired grave robber that tries to have sex with Cassie, he is killed when Cassie is sent out back out to acquire him by an Other posing as a humale soldier.

Lieutenant Colonel/Commander Alexander Vosch

The sadistic, cruel leader and also mastermind of the alien soldiers. He is originally thneed to be a hero at Camp Haven but reveals his true self by killing Cassie"s father.

Dr. Pam

She is the doctor at the facility wright here Sammy is admitted, referred to as Camp Haven. She microchips and maps every one of the kids. Cassie kills her while saving Sammy.

Corpdental Parker

He is a medic that befriends and comforts Sammy on the bus ride to Camp Haven. He labels Sammy red and also Megan green, sending her to a various component of the Camp. He appears aacquire once Cassie is infiltrating the army base Wright-Patterchild.


A harsh drill instructor that functions at the Camp and also drills Ben and Sammy, he is later revealed to be an Other who will kill the squad if they do not meet their mission. Ben and also Ringer rerelocate their implants and kill him.

Members of Squad 53

Squad 53 is composed of the adhering to characters:

Ben, 17, is called Zombie.Sammy, 5, is dubbed Nugacquire.Tank goes Dorothy (i.e., crazy) and is sent out to the psych ward wright here he overdoses.Flintstone, 16, acted as the leader before being reput by Ben.Dumbo, 12, has actually significant ears and a quick smile, and also acts as the squad"s medic.Poundcake, 8, never before talks however is the best shooter.Oompa, 8 or 9, is a chubby kid that is the worst at everything yet eats the many. He dies on their first mission. His real name is Kenny.Ringer is sent out to relocation Tank after he dies. Her real name is Marika. She and Ben flirt via one an additional.Teacup, 7, worships Reznick and also Ringer. She is distraught by Oompa"s death.

Sissy Parish

She is Ben"s younger sister that is killed once robbers assault her home.

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Crucifix Soldier

He is an unknown, wounded soldier who Cassie kills in the grocery store when she sees a flash of steel in his hand, later on revealed to be a steel cruciresolve.

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