Which Shamemuch less character are you? This 100% fun quiz reveals your Gallagher twin. Who matches your personality? Are you Fiona, Lip, Carl, Frank, or else?

An Embarrassing Shameless Quiz

The quiz on this web page finds your enhance based upon all the main personalities of Shamemuch less USA. It is a 20-question personality test via psychological concerns to expose your inner self.

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The premise of the questionary is similar to our Riverdale Character Quiz. However before, this one offers you via additional details. (See below).

Find your perfect enhance.

The initially point you learn by taking the Shamemuch less Character Quiz is which of the ruthless household members is similar to you. Gallaghers are a controversial world. So, many kind of fans desire to recognize what type of perboy they would certainly be if they stayed in that weird Chicago family.

We analyzed the show’s personas, creating a database of their actions, interests, and traits. So, by answering the concerns, you enable the algorithms to discover your perfect enhance precisely.

Get a personality disorder analysis.

Ian was bipolar. Frank seemed to be a narcissist. And the majority of various other characters had actually some type of personality disorder. So, the quiz would certainly favor to reveal your PDs, as well.

Of course, that is not meant to be a major diagnosis. So, please take that component of the results lightly. (soimg.org does not support any type of labeling or discrimination).

Meet your Shamemuch less love interemainder.

The Gallaghers’ sex life was facility. The Shameless Character Match Quiz introduces your boy and also girl crush based upon your answers. So, you would certainly have actually a unstable principle of how amazing or miserable your love life could be.

Find Out exactly how Shameless you are!

One of the fun points around taking this personality quiz is that it comes with a hard-heartedness level detector. The outcomes will certainly expose how bold and also shamemuch less you are based upon your responses. It is a fun means to understand how active your Dark Core is and also exactly how you would certainly fit in the Gallaghers’ family members pecking order.

Which Gallagher Are You?

If you are as impatient as some of the Shamemuch less personalities, taking a personality test would not be your thing. So, below is a fun, quick means to uncover your unashamed match. Read the following descriptions and also view which one is more similar to you.

#1: Frank

Would you say, “Hey, I’m Frank,” if someone asked which Shamemuch less character you are? We doubt that. As Gallaghers’ father, Frank is a hopeless drunk who is extremely irresponsible. Surprisingly, he is likewise a narcissist, considering nothing yet his gain. All of his children have actually been emotionally abused by him throughout their stays.

We hope you don’t enhance this male, BTW.

#2: Fiona

Many Shameless fans take into consideration Fiona as the protagonist of the display. She is every little thing you would certainly suppose a South Side girl to be. Daring, bold, and distinct. Fiona is additionally a motherly figure, doing her best to carry out for her household. However, she has actually her own addictions and also struggles.

#3: Lip

Philip is the many intelligent Gallagher. He is bright and talented. However, he is likewise known to be as irresponsible as his dad. The point around Lip is that he is self-sabotaging and self-disastrous due to his family’s high expectations. His rebellious nature stops him from finding his route in life. But other than that, Lip is the the majority of trustworthy person after Fiona once it concerns caring for his siblings.

#4: Carl

He is the troublemaker. Carl’s interests are rather self-explanatory: weapons, drinking, and explosives. (Talk about trouble, huh?). He started offering drugs from an extremely young age. And he represents the cliché photo of South Side negative boys.

#5: Debbie

When asked, “Which Shameless character are you?” many fans would love to say I’m Debbie. That is bereason she is sweet, spirited, smart, and also kind-hearted. Although many kind of indicate she is too naïve, Debbie proves to be mature and reputable at a very young age.

#6: Ian

When it involves difficult job-related, Ian is the one you could count on. He can not be as intelligent as Lip. But as soon as it comes to occupational principles, he is the ideal. Ian is likewise physically fit and handsome. But he struggles via his life due to her bipolar personality disorder. At his best, he is a goal-oriented and ambitious boy who can attain anypoint he intends for.

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Use Shameless’ Identity Dilemma to Identify Your Identity

The goal of our quiz is to answer inquiries like, “Which Shamemuch less character are you?” The thing is that the personalities themselves battle to find their true self throughout the story. So, it is somewhat of a thoughtful method of inspecting your persona. Who would certainly you be if you had actually no idea who you really are?

Okay, enough of old man talk. You have the right to currently begin the test and enjoy the results!


soimg.org does not very own any of the imeras provided in the Shamemuch less Character Quiz. Showtime owns all the shelp pictures.

Questions of the quiz

Question 1

Imagine your drunk father enters the room and also cusses at your younger sibling. What perform you do?




My goals




Inquiry 7

How extfinished and also detailed are your plans for the future?

Very detailed

Somewhat detailed

Not detailed at all

I don’t favor plans

What’s the plan?

F*** plans

Concern 8

Which of the adhering to traits pisses you off the most?







Inquiry 9

If you had to explain your best struggle in life via one word, what would certainly it be?