128) Which of the complying with costs include every one of the expenses associated with production of a product?

A) Inventoriable

B) Direct

C) Mixed

D) Overhead

129) Manufacturing overhead costs for a product include

A) direct material.

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B) operating costs.

C) instraight production expenses.

D) prime costs.

130) When execute inventoriable prices become expenses?

A) When straight products are purchased

B) When the manufacturing process begins

C) When the manufacturing process is completed

D) Namong the above

131) Indirect materials and also indirect labor are ________ for a manufactured product.

A) overhead and duration costs

B) operating and duration costs

C) overhead and product costs

D) operating and product costs

132) Manufacturers think about marketing and administrative prices to be

A) period expenses.

B) conversion expenses.

C) inventoriable prices.

D) prime costs.

133) Which of the following is an example of a duration cost once manufacturing products?

A) Depreciation price on factory equipment

B) Advertising expense

C) Indirect products provided in the factory

D) Property taxes on the plant

134) Which of the adhering to is an instance of an inventoriable expense once manufacturing products?

A) Depreciation on office equipment

B) Depreciation on store building

C) Sales salaries expenses

D) Depreciation on manufacturing facility equipment

135) When production products, straight labor and straight materials are classified as

A) duration expenses and also expensed as soon as incurred.

B) product expenses and also expensed once the goods are sold.

C) product expenses and also expensed once incurred.

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D) duration costs and expensed once the goods are offered.





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