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Transcribed picture text: Which of the adhering to statements best defines a compound? A) A compound is a solution. B) A compound is exemplified by sodium. C) A compound has 2 or even more different aspects in a resolved ratio. D) A compound is a pure facet. Which of the complying with statements concerning issue is false? A) All life is written of matter. B) All matter exists in the form of compounds. C) All matter has mass. D) All issue is written of elements. Which of the adhering to hypotheses would be sustained if liquid water were uncovered on Mars and also consisted of evidence of bacteria -favor organisms? A) The chemical advancement of life is possible. B) Life should evolve in the presence of oxygen. C) Life on Planet need to have originated on Mars. D) Life is guided by intelligent architecture. Clots in our blood can bring about a heart attack or stroke by blocking blood flow. If a clot were consisted of of a mass of proteins, what changed in the proteins to cause them to form the clot? A) The proteins were no much longer soluble in the blood. B) The proteins came to be even more soluble in the blood. C) The blood came to be saturated via proteins. D) The proteins ended up being even more polar. The four many common aspects in living organisms are A) C, H, O, Na. B) C, H, O, Fe. C) C, H, O, N. D) C, N, O, Na. Cows can derive nutrients from cellushed because A) they transform cellushed into starch, which is conveniently damaged down in the intestinal tract. B) they develop the enzymes that break down cellushed. C) they chew their food so thoroughly that cellushed fibers are broken down D) their intestinal tract has cellulose-hydrolyzing microorganisms. A scientist suspects that the food in an ecosystem might have actually been through radioactive nitrogen over a duration of months. Which of the adhering to substances could be examined for radiotask to test the hypothesis? A) the cholesterol in the cell membranes of organisms living in the ecosystem B) the hair developed by human beings living in the ecomechanism C) the cell walls of plants growing in the ecodevice D) the sugars produced during photosynthesis by plants thriving in the ecodevice Proteins cannot be denatured by A) freezing.

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B) warmth C) transforms in salt concentration. D) changes in pH.