Residential fenestration is a very demanded industry via a special emphasis on product performance and also resiliency. The smallest details deserve to set fabrication lines acomponent from the competition

Choosing the appropriate fabrication machinery for your lines — whether semi- or completely automatic — have the right to make a huge difference in your labor requirements, product high quality and output. This necessary decision need to be based on the strengths and also objectives of your manufacturing line.

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In this write-up, we’ll explain the pros and also cons for each kind of manufacturing line and also points to store in mind once deciding what’s best for your procedure.

JMC automation at a glance

Fully automatic makers are qualified of perdeveloping several fabrications — such as sawing, drilling, routing and also cleaning — within a single cell. This can be exceptionally helpful for operations through limited room or labor, yet require continuous maintenance and also specialized technicians to keep the lines running.

Semi-automatic systems perform one collection of fabrications prefer drilling or sawing, requiring operations to have even more units to develop a complete window and even more labor to relocate material dvery own the line.

Semi-automatic systems have the right to be designed to fabricate finish home windows faster than completely automatic countercomponents, yet a totally automatic line maintains more continual manufacturing high quality.

All of our observed devices encompass Zero Scrap observed deindicators that cut at the exceptionally edge of an extrusion. Even wbelow cuts meet, the saws never before remove even more material than the width of the blade.

Semi-automatic: More labor, even more output

A semi-automatic system perdevelops a section of the fabrication process, and operators move the products from one machine to the following.

With a trustworthy workpressure, semi-automatic lines are ideal for operations that value rate.

They’re primarily safer, much faster and also even more precise than hands-on fabrication.

All of the blades and drills are hooffered within compartments that cannot be opened in the time of operation, making it far less likely that a worker will injure themselves as compared to manual fabrication.

Production speed

Semi-automatic production lines are even more productive than completely automatic systems bereason having actually more equipments suggests even more material have the right to be on the line at a time.

Semi-automatic machine operators have to work together to keep pace, delivering lineal pieces dvery own the line to the next machine. The more hands on each product, the higher risk of high quality defects. But the effort can reward you through a faster cycle time.

Cutting cycle times

Let’s take a look at our ZDM-4590 double miter saw machine. Its operator locations on the preload rack two lineal extrusions, which are guided into location by the servo-managed infeed gripper. Extrusions are cut by 2 45- to 90-level independent horizontal-stroking miter saws. The cut extrusions are then puburned onto the outfeed rack.


The ZHVN-4545 Zero Scrap Horizontal V-Notch Saw fabrication machine has 2 45-level independent horizontal-stroking miter 16” knives. Its big reduced zone makes it right for multiple tracks of aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass profiles.

It deserve to develop huge quantities of components with a cut-to-reduced cycle time of eight to 10 seconds.

That’s appropriate — eight to 10 seconds. How lengthy does it take your team to perform the same work?

Software efficiencies

While semi-automatic systems count even more on expert labor, lineal extrusion fabrication mechanism producers like Joseph Machine job-related hard to make the procedure less complicated on operators. These makers, for instance, are equipped with the lookahead optimization module, which determines how to efficiently reduced lineal extrusions to accomplish multiple orders via minimal leftover material.

What’s that expect to you? Well, if a 16-foot stick is provided to produce one home window through a small length to spare, the module will certainly analyze future orders and also uncover a house for the staying material, and then pre-procedure the components for a worker to set aside.

They likewise incorporate Joseph’s predictive maintenance software, designed specifically to alert the operator of needed company or maintenance. This keeps your machine and also floor running cost-free of unsupposed downtime, shed manufacturing or angry customers.

Cheaper maintenance, professional workers

Semi-automatic equipments are cheaper and much easier to preserve than their completely automatic countercomponents. But your employees should transfer the products down the line, which implies more work-in-progress, civilization and also makers on the floor at a time.

This provides just-in-time production difficult and boosts the hazard of a delay as a result of process failure, as well as causing even more web traffic and also safety and security hazards throughout your facility.

Fully automatic: Longer cycle time, better quality

Fully automatic machines carry out many of the fabrication occupational for you, making the cuts, drilling holes and milling within one machine. This single-item circulation suggests one person deserve to carry out the occupational of many, all while practically standing in location. This significantly diminishes the amount of waste, labor and also traffic in your facility.

Reducing labor requirements

Factory managers roughly the country are enduring a continual problem: Good aid is difficult to discover, and it’s even harder to save.

This is what renders the relocate to totally automatic units appealing for manufacturing floors. Automatic machinery doesn’t take sick days, it’s not searching for a much better paycheck and also it just retires as soon as you decide to take it off the line.

Each totally automatic line have the right to alleviate your labor count by four or 5 human being.

The labor conserved on fabrication can be realsituated dvery own your line to operations that have to be done manually, such as attaching home window latches.

Smart fabrication

The completely automatic SFMC Flexline Processor uses a servo-controlled infeed to press the lineal into a multi-experienced assembly. The extrusion is then reduced and also tooled for finish part fabrication in a series of in-line actions hoprovided within a solitary cell.

The mechanism have the right to be fitted with lineal optimization software application, which analyzes product orders and also segments lineals to develop multiple windows in the the majority of reliable manner.

If any type of of the lineal remains, our lookahead software program goes to upcoming orders to watch if any parts have the right to be made from the staying material and set aside. The lone part will be grouped through the remainder of the home window as soon as the other pieces have been made from the next lineal.

While some amount of scrap is unpreventable, automatic operations have the right to have a material yield of 95% or more, which significantly improves ROI over our competition.


These completely automated systems market many safety and security systems, including sensors that look for infeed obstructions and shut the device dvery own if, for instance, an operator were to stick their arm into the infeed location. And the doors to the cell will not open while tools are in motion, for optimal safety via a minimal footprint.

Quality, service and maintenance

Manufacturers that are recognized for their premium top quality products have the right to rest assured their Joseph Machine system will certainly just improve their reputation.

We install sensors that monitor temperature and blade sharpness to make it simpler for technicians to recognize and also situate mechanical problems or maintenance issues, like a dull observed blade, prior to they affect product high quality.

Fully automatic devices do call for even more company than semi-automatic units to keep proper use. Your team will certainly obtain a continual maintenance tutorial, and if you do not have someone on site who can keep the device, our technicians have the right to be hired to visit the facility eexceptionally 3 months to keep things running smoothly.

Freeing floor space

Encapsulating a whole line within a 30-by-6-foot machine saves around half the floor room as compared to semi-automatic makers. You might add an additional completely automatic line with little additional location, which have the right to suppose the distinction in between housing multiple lines in one facility or having to look for more real estate to expand also an procedure.

That’s a large distinction. Adding another machine is a far more reliable method to boost capacity than include building room. More structure space means more cost per square foot, which indicates additional output is required to cover the investment, placing even more pressure on your team.


We are constantly working to development our innovation and boost our service offerings.

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Customers will shortly be able to implement our cloud dashboard system that allows our technicians to monitor your lines for worries like overheating, allowing your operators to emphasis on getting as much output out of your system as feasible.

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