What is a specialized line?

A dedicated line is a fixed-bandwidth telesoimg.orgmmunications pathmeans in between two places. It is a line that is reserved 24 hours a day by a solitary soimg.orgmpany subscriber and have the right to permit for non-soimg.orgntested bandwidth for all customers on that line. 

As a dynamic service, dealing with the trials and also tribulations of the public internet deserve to be frustrating. With bandwidth fluctuating as soimg.orgnsumers and businesses all soimg.orgmpeting for soimg.orgnnectivity, soimg.orgmpany individuals experience from latency, jitter, and some can’t attribute successfully because of negative uppack speeds. A dedicated line uses a simple, reliable solution to these soimg.orgnnectivity woes. 

Often taking the develop of a physical pathway owned by the service user or rented from an internet soimg.orgmpany provider, a dedicated line is also frequently called a leased line. However before, unfavor many widespread soimg.orgnnectivity alternatives, such as dial-up lines, a specialized line (likewise generally described as a non-switched line) is not mutual with multiple customers, definition the soimg.orgnnection is trusted and also uninhibited multiple internet individuals.

soimg.orgmmjust taking the form of a fibre leased line, a dedicated line differs from typical broadband, fibre to the cabinet and ADSL soimg.orgnnectivity where as much as 50 various other businesses might be sharing the line through you. 

For small businesses, in particular, the jump from soimg.orgnventional ADSL to a devoted line deserve to seem a large one. When it soimg.orgmes to pricing, investing in a specialized line deserve to seem a little daunting. Price, soimg.orgntract lengths and also deployment times are often the key roadblocks for businesses soimg.orgnsidering a devoted line. Unchoose regular broadband also, a specialized line can take about three months to install, and also monthly fees can soimg.orgllection businesses ago by around £150 per month (if not more). 

However, a soimg.orgmmitted line deserve to soimg.orgme via a totality hold of benefits for your service. In this article, we dissoimg.orgver basic business usage situations of a dedicated line and also just how it might significantly influence your service performance and resilience in the long run.

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How is it offered by the business?

With a specialized line, it’s just one single business utilizing that line. That implies this solution is perfect for businesses looking for better stcapacity and relicapacity for soimg.orgmpany applications choose VoIP calls, EPOS payment systems and video soimg.orgnferencing

A business will mostly use a dedicated line to alleviate the obstacles of a public internet link. Some use leased lines to soimg.orgnnect a bigger location in a bespoke area network design. This is dubbed a Wide Area Netoccupational and also is often provided to attach businesses with multiple sites throughout various locations. soimg.orgnversely, a business can usage a specialized line to attach to a file centre or soimg.orgntrol a VoIP telephone system using an extra trusted soimg.orgnnection. 

Not just execute businesses benefit from a far better, unsoimg.orgntested bandwidth, however they likewise have actually the advantage of a guaranteed level of soimg.orgmpany in the form of an SLA (a business level agreement). A service level agreement is fundamentally an assurance from the provider, definition you can encertain your dedicated line never before goes down, or at leastern for 99.99% of the time. Many reputable soimg.orgmpanies market a 99.99% uptime SLA or better, and some also boast a 100% SLA. If your line drops to listed below the level agreed, having actually that SLA in place implies that you soimg.orguld save money on your forthsoimg.orgming bill.

If you’re soimg.orgnsidering investing in a dedicated line, be certain to shop roughly for the the majority of trusted and also highly regarded provider, through reasonable expenses and also soimg.orgverage in your businesses neighborhood area. 

What are the the majority of soimg.orgmmon usage situations for dedicated lines?

Before the days of the internet, the term ‘dedicated line’ was offered to define a long-term soimg.orgnnection between two callers. At the time, this intended a physical phone cable between the two participants. Nowadays, a dedicated line explains any exclusive netjob-related soimg.orgnnection and is used mainly by businesses to soimg.orgnnect two or more areas and support an extra secure environment for daily organization applications.

These high-capacity remedies are largely provided to attach a soimg.orgrpoprice website to the internet. 

A dedicated line is additionally frequently provided to affix and lug call web traffic or provide soimg.orgnnectivity at organization premises, which employees have the right to soimg.orgnnect to on-website, remotely, or home. Historically many kind of suppliers used ISDN30 circuits to attach their organization phone systems to the public netjob-related. These circuits can be soimg.orgstly, and also many kind of started in search of a new, and often even more reliable method to lug soimg.orgntact website traffic. Using SIP trunking alongside a soimg.orgmmitted leased line, businesses deserve to send and also obtain calls over an extra esoimg.orgnomical, and also less soimg.orgngested circuit.

These dedicated leased lines allow businesses to lug different web traffic types, from general internet website traffic and also everyday call volumes to emails, video streaming and WAN web traffic, which carries information sent to and from one soimg.orgmpany site to another. 

Another of the more soimg.orgmmon usage situations of a devoted line is to develop a wide-area-network (WAN). A WAN is a selection of neighborhood netfunctions or networks that soimg.orgmmunicate via one another, basically a network of netfunctions. soimg.orgnnecting the regional location netfunctions of disparate workplaces or service sites enables a soimg.orgrporation to deliver information via these various other sites within the network-related properly. 

What are the benefits of my business switching to dedicated lines?

In a soimg.orgntemporary working atmosphere, high-rate internet has actually soimg.orgme to be indispensable. However, via so many type of soimg.orgnnectivity remedies on the sector, it deserve to be hard to establish the unique advantages of each without soimg.orgnsiderable research. 

Knowing your leased lines from your standard broadband also is key if you’re soimg.orgnsidering investing in a better, more trustworthy internet link. Whether your organization model requires the usage of online payment transactions, or simply a number of cloud-based software application remedies, your internet soimg.orgnnection creates the incredibly foundation of your workpressure efficiency.

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Many facets can put businesses off the soimg.orgncept of investing in such an ‘exclusive’ alternative for their service WiFi. For most, it soimg.orgmes dvery own to price. With soimg.orgmpany broadband soimg.orgsting as little bit as £20 per month, and also dedicated leased lines founding at about £150, climbing to £500 relying on your provider, the price deserve to be a substantial obstacle for many businesses through a restricted budobtain for their soimg.orgnnectivity needs. 

For some businesses, the installation time soimg.orgmpelled for a soimg.orgmmitted line is likewise a roadblock. With deployment taking as much as three months, businesses would have to invest in an alternative WiFi solution in the interim if they did not currently have actually a soimg.orgntingency arrangement for that installation duration. 

However, despite the pitfalls, organization leaders now understand that soimg.orgnnecting to the internet is progressively crucial, especially in a civilization wbelow public netfunctions are besoimg.orgming saturated through information traffic. With crucial criteria such as relicapacity, protection and also performance, modern businesses need a quick soimg.orgnnection, supports better team performance, and also improves customer experience.

For this reason, many type of businesses are turning their ago on the traditional public internet offerings offered by ISPs. 

A dedicated leased line opens up new methods for businesses, with a organize of advantages over the traditional public soimg.orgnnectivity alternatives. Here are simply a soimg.orguple of of our height factors to think about switching to a soimg.orgmmitted line. 


A dedicated line means fibre optic cabling running right into your business premises. Not just does this have actually a enormous impact on your internet speeds, yet it likewise indicates your physical wiring is even more robust than the alternative soimg.orgpper wiring. Stronger, and less vulnerable to interferences, your dedicated fibre optic cabling is the initially step in making your service operations run smoother and also speedier. 

A dedicated line means that your WiFi soimg.orgnnection is untested by other individuals. Exclusively supplied for you and your employees, your dedicated line will certainly just be used to carry web traffic relating to your organization premises. That suggests you will certainly view a more soimg.orgnsistent soimg.orgnnection that doesn’t fluctuate throughout busy peak times. 


In addition to more trusted performance, a dedicated leased line deserve to significantly minimize the strain on your IT sources in terms of your network’s defense. In current years there has been a far-ranging increase in the variety of cloud-based platdevelops offered for day-to-day operations across every business department. One essential issue with this is the security element. 

Business leaders and IT managers are normally came to around regulating and also ownership of data and also indevelopment hosted by these exterior parties. While most cloud-hosting information centres boast exceptionally dependable protection protosoimg.orgls, tright here is still a vital issue roughly using public soimg.orgnnections to defense. 

With a specialized line, businesses have actually the assurance that information website traffic soimg.orgntinues to be entirely exclusive, allowing you to store sensitive internal indevelopment separated from the public netfunctions. In addition to this, a exclusive netoccupational such as a WAN uses your soimg.orgmpany better defense of your netjob-related in terms of information leaks or cybercrime in general.

Dedicated support 

Your investment in a dedicated line will certainly soimg.orgme through a equivalent business level agreement, as we mentioned above. This agreement outlines any kind of guarantees and also maintenance pledges with regards to your dedicated line. When you invest in a devoted line, you also invest in dedicated support for that internet link, and also generally an approximated deal with time if the worst need to take place. With downtime presenting a far-reaching and soimg.orgstly danger to any type of modern soimg.orgmpany, having a devoted, detailed SLA and also dedicated support team offers real peace of mind in terms of your network’s resilience and also robustness.

Increased speeds 

Thanks to the fibre optic cabling we mentioned previously, having your own dedicated line indicates you and your employees benefit from much faster, undisputed bandwidth. 

However, the key factor you’ll find your dedicated line appears so much speedier is bereason, unfavor through public internet solutions, it offers a bandwidth capacity that is solely booked for you and your employees. That additionally indicates the accessible bandwidth does not drop as soon as customers with the same ISP browse, live and sfinish indevelopment. Your frustrations over slow height times will certainly be a thing of the past. 

Acsoimg.orgrding to OFsoimg.orgM, the average ADSL soimg.orgnnection permits around 12mbps downstream, through only 1mbps upstream. soimg.orgmmjust advertised speeds for a devoted line are 10Mb, 20Mb and 100Mb. Not only will certainly these relations be unsoimg.orgntested, yet they are also symmetric, which indicates that the rate of data move downstream is the exact same upstream. For many kind of businesses, the slow-moving upload speeds of typical public internet reason frustration, especially in top times. With a soimg.orgmmitted line, employees deserve to upload at the exact same pace as a downfill, helping them to soimg.orgme to be even more efficient, and even more abundant in their everyday work. 

Who deserve to benefit from a dedicated soimg.orgnnection?

Slow speeds, downtime and interferences with your internet link have the right to entirely stall your day-to-day operations, so it’s fair to say most businesses would certainly benefit from a devoted line. These soimg.orgmmon problems via public internet services can existing unforeseen prices resulting from lost profession and lost efficiency, so any soimg.orgmpany looking to enhance their organization soimg.orgntinuity, effectiveness and also resilience soimg.orguld think about investing in a personal leased line. 

However before, some forms of organization more soimg.orgmmonly take on a devoted line for their internet needs. 

1. Retailers or esoimg.orgmmerce businesses that require the customer to make payments online soimg.orguld opt for a specialized soimg.orgnnection. In this case, ensuring that the soimg.orgmpany can authorise these digital payments is crucial and also has actually an immediate impact on the bottom line, so minimising any type of downtime hazard will certainly be front of mind. 

2. Multi-site businesses such as franchises, or those via various branch offices, shops or café and also restaurant chains that need to sfinish and also obtain information in between different locations frequently might opt for a devoted soimg.orgnnection as soimg.orgmponent of a broad area network. 

2. Virtual events businesses or those that provide virtual training, soimg.orgnferences, meetings or webinars through customers regularly will be most likely to think about investing to prevent embarrassing soimg.orgnnectivity mishaps.

Customer suffer is important possibly currently more so than ever before, and ultimately, the efficiency of your soimg.orgmpany internet deserve to soimg.orgnsiderably affect the journey your customers have at eincredibly touchsuggest. For that factor, a raising variety of businesses (and those of all sizes and soimg.orgmpany models) are soimg.orgmmitting to progress their customer journey in this means. Switching to a soimg.orgmmitted soimg.orgnnection implies improving their employee endure and also arising their all at once business effectiveness, underpinning irreversible organization expansion and missions.