In which of the adhering to mouse operations execute you point to a things, organize dvery own the left computer mouse button, relocate the item to the wanted area on the display screen, and also then release the left mouse button?A. double-clickB. pointC. clickD. drag

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In which of the following mouse operations perform you press and also release the primary mouse button?A. clickB. right-clickC. pointD. drag
Which of the complying with is a category of users?A. interactions usersB. enterpincrease usersC. telemetry usersD. tower users
Which of the adhering to is an international repertoire of netfunctions that connects countless businesses, government agencies, educational organizations, and also individuals?A. NewsnetB. InternetC. WebD. Usenet
Which of the complying with involves having actually the knowledge and also understanding of computers, mobile devices, the Net, and also associated technologies?A. digital intimacyB. digital intelligenceC. digital legitimacyD. digital literacy
Which of the complying with is a specification that permits internet content to be distributed to subscribers?A. VoIPB. GPSC. RSSD. FTP
What involves reducing the electricity consumed and also eco-friendly waste generated once using a computer?A. Streamlined computingB. Universal computingC. Comprehensive computingD. Environment-friendly computing
Which of the complying with is a arsenal of computers and devices associated together, as presented in the accompanying figure, frequently wirelessly, by means of interactions gadgets and also transmission media?A. networkB. server farmC. baselineD. client base
Collections, such as that pictured in the accompanying number, enable computers to share which of the following?A. linksB. mediaC. systemsD. resources

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Which of the following terms is an alternate term for the sort of computer presented in the accompanying figure?A. notebook computerB. thinbookC. slimbookD. quickbook