You meacertain the age, marital standing and also earned income of an SRS of 1463 womales. The number and also type of variables you have measured is(a) 1463; all quantitative.(b) four; 2 categorical and also two quantitative.(c) four; one categorical and also three quantitative.(d) three; 2 categorical and one quantitative.(e) three; one categorical and also two quantitative.

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The weights of the male and female students in a class are summarized in the following box plots: Which of the adhering to is NOT correct? (a) About 50% of the male students have weights between 150 and 185 pounds. (b) About 25% of female students have actually weights even more than 130 pounds. (c) The median weight of male students is about 162 pounds. (d) The expect weight of female students is about 120 pounds because of symmetry. (e) The male students have actually less varicapability than the female students.
"Normal" body temperature varies by time of day. A series of readings was taken of the body temperature of a subject. The intend reading was discovered to be 36.5° C via a standard deviation of 0.3° C. When converted (TRANSFORMED) to °F, the suppose and conventional deviation are (°F = °C(1.8) + 32). (a) 97.7, 32 (b) 97.7, 0.30(c) 97.7, 0.54 (d) 97.7, 0.97 (e) 97.7, 1.80
c) remember....including the exact same value to each information allude will certainly change the expect but NOT the typical deviation...multiplying affects BOTH...
Which of the complying with is most likely to have a mean that is smaller than the median? (THINK...once would certainly that happen?)(a) The salaries of all National Footround Organization players. (b) The scores of students (out of 100 points) on a very straightforward exam in which most obtain almost perfect scores but a couple of execute very poorly. (c) The prices of houses in a large city. (d) The scores of students (out of 100 points) on a very hard exam in which many acquire negative scores however a couple of do incredibly well. (e) Amounts awarded by civil court juries.

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(b) The scores of students (out of 100 points) on an extremely basic exam in which most acquire virtually perfect scores but a few execute exceptionally poorly. Average smaller than median argues the distribution is skewed left in the direction of the reduced numbers making the BULK of the data at the greater numbers....<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"AP Statistics Chapter 4.1 Quiz","id":"326434736","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"AlexandraAMD">; QLoad(""); return;})}elsehome<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"AP Statistics Chapter 4.1 Quiz","id":"326434736","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"examine guide","position":"","brand":"AlexandraAMD">; QLoad(""); return;;home window.location.assign("");" id="1-326434736">