The mastermanufacturing schedule is a manufacturing planning tool that specifies just how a lot of aproduct demands to be made at various periods. This easy schedule canbe provided as a basis for even more planning and scheduling throughout the business.

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What is a Master Production Schedule (MPS)?

Master Production Schedule (MPS) is the part of manufacturing planning that outlines which commodities should be produced, in which quantity, and also once. A understand manufacturing schedule does not normally go into information concerning the products to be supplied in manufacturing, employees assigned to tasks, etc. Rather, it is choose a contract between the sales department and also the production department that balances supply and demand by specifying the important amounts to develop and also the timeframes of manufacturing.

The Master Production Schedule is an essential tool in make-to-stock manufacturing atmospheres wbelow a demand foreactors drives manufacturing planning. As an MPS is frequently used as the main driver of production task, it demands to be specific and also viable for it to have a positive impact on the profitability of a service.

The MPS can also be provided in certain Make-to-Order atmospheres and mixed-mode manufacturing wright here a company manufactures conventional assets. In this instance, the sales forecast and also master production schedule are provided to setup the inventory essential for manufacturing.

A typical grasp production schedule is a permanent arrangement produced each product individually. It is done through a planning horizon of 3 months to 2 years, with a minimum time bucket (smallest timeframework specified) of 1 week.

The standard inputs you should create a viablemaster production schedule are the following:

1. Starting inventory. How many type of units are currently obtainable instock?

2. Sales foreactors. How many kind of orders are supposed for the period?

3. Current order portfolio. How many type of orders are currently planned for theperiod?

4. Quantity to develop. How many units must be produced during theduration to keep supply and also demand in balance?

You candownfill a complimentary understand production schedule design template right here.


Let’s say you develop wood furniture such as chairs, dining tables, and coffee tables.

At the start of the duration, you have 40 chairsin stock. Your sales foreactors claims that you will certainly market 200 of them. That meansyou will should create 160 chairs during that duration in order to complement thedemand.

As a repercussion, the start inventory ofyour next period will be 0. As company is stable, one more 200 chair sales areforecasted. This indicates that now you will certainly need to produce 200 chairs within aperiod in order to complement demand also.


Master ProductionSchedule and also Safety Stock

Unmuch less you have actually absolutely perfected the Just-in-Time production model, you would always desire to store a specific amount of units for backup in situation tbelow is an unforeseeable spike in demand. That is why we have the right to enhance the grasp manufacturing schedule with:

5. Safety stock. How many devices perform you want to save ininventory in situation tright here are spikes in demand?

In the mastermanufacturing schedule, safety and security stock will be expressed as component of the period’sfinishing inventory that will be moved to the following duration as beginninginventory.

Example cont.

Now, continuing through the previous examplelet’s say that you always desire to save 40 chairs as safety and security stock. Thus,160 chairs will not be sufficient to meet demand and also replenish your security stockduring the initially period. This implies that you will must develop 200 chairsaltogether to accomplish your customers and keep the forced buffer.


Discover even more about Safety Stock and also How to Calculate It.

Master ProductionSchedule and also Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

When planningproduction, you constantly need to store in mind exactly how a lot exactly you are able tocreate in a provided duration. If you take in orders that require you to produce athousand also chairs in a month, but you only have the means to create 500, youwill certainly let dvery own your customers and also your agency. That is why you would certainly alwayswant to account for:

6. Production capacity. How many type of assets would certainly you be able todevelop in the time of the period, given that whatever is running smoothly?

Rough-reduced capacity planning is a critical tool to usage alongside the grasp manufacturing schedule. To calculate your production capacity, you will need to know your products’ throughput time and the complete fertile hours of your shop floor.

Once you have actually createdyour initial master production schedule, you deserve to test its vicapacity by creatinga rough-cut capacity arrangement according to the MPS. If the capacity arrangement mirrors thatyour production capacity cannot accommoday the manufacturing levels in any type of periodcollection in the MPS, you will certainly should discover methods to increase capacity or modify theMPS.

Master productionscheduling and also rough-reduced capacity planning is a back-and-forth process. Thatimplies any kind of readjust in either of them needs reviewing the other.

Discover even more about Production Capacity and Rough-Cut Capacity Planning.

Additionalconsiderations regarding MPS

Master Production Schedule freezing

Freezing the MPS suggests locking the initially couple of periods aspecific amount of time, e.g. a week or 2, before manufacturing according to theschedule starts. This is done to prevent last-minute alters that createconfusion and bottlenecks that sluggish down production and also, eventually, ruin yourplans.

Available to Promise

Available to promise is the variety of devices that you can further promise to provide to customers (as firm orders) in the period at hand also. It is calculated according to the master production schedule. It takes into account all the firm orders and also the planned quantities across the MPS horizon. ATP plays a critical function in supply chain management.

Batch criteria

When drawing up a grasp manufacturing schedule, you shouldalways take into consideration your batch sizes, i.e. exactly how many products carry out you make in onerun. That will determine the step of your quantities. For example, if youmanufacture in batches of 25 assets then your quantity to produce cannot be240, it requirements to be 250 or 225.

Maximum inventory

The MPS is an excellent tool for planning and preparing at an early stage for surges in demand also. However before, tbelow are physical and useful constraints to the quantities you deserve to save in stock. Even if you had actually the production capacity, it may not be feasible to utilize it if your stock is full. Or beyond a certain inventory level, too a lot cash might be tied up in inventory.

Benefits of a Master Production Schedule

Tbelow are multiple benefits to presenting an MPS in aproduction business:

It offers a solid base for building, enhancing, and also tracking the sales forecast.It offers a solid base for determining the preferred inventory levels.It gives a solid base for calculating the required amount of labor and shifts.It enables optimizing the set up capacity and also balancing the fill of the plant.The production department can estimate the production and also maintenance costs associated through the workstations.The financial department of the firm deserve to derive meant earnings and also prices from the MPS and also geneprice a cash flow forecast. Amongst various other benefits, this will aid build investment plans.The HR department can take advantage of the MPS to anticipate the needs of hiring labor.

The MPS need to reflect the company arrangement as very closely as feasible. This requires a constant update by all departments of the company.

For example, if the marketing department plans a sales promovement, the increase in demand also should be reflected in the MPS and also the foreactors. If the sales team discoureras the sale of a product line in favor of one more new one, the MPS and the foreactors need to be changed.

Master Production Schedule vs. Manufacturing Reresource Planning

The understand production schedule is one of the jumping-off points for production resource planning (MRP II). Acomponent from the MPS, yet, MRP II uses additional inputs such as inventory statsupplies, BOMs, routings, material requirements and expenses, financial documents, staffing and machine capacity, and so on. This permits the MRP II mechanism to create a highly comprehensive setup for all of the different sources regarded manufacturing and administer you with a real-time overview of your company.

Unfavor producing a grasp manufacturing schedule, the complexity of production resource planning provides it impossible to perform manually. Today, tright here are many various software application companies offering MRP units, but many of them have grown out of audit or inventory administration software and also are restricted in their manufacturing resource planning capabilities. Using a correct MRP software application, however, is coming to be more and even more important once it comes to remaining competitive in the production company.

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Key takeaways

A Master Production Schedule (MPS) outlines which products have to be manufactured, in which quantity, and also when.It is an essential tool in make-to-stock manufacturing environments wbelow a demand forecast drives production planning.A conventional understand manufacturing schedule is a irreversible arrangement made for each product separately. It is done via a planning horizon of 3 months to 2 years, with a minimum time bucket of 1 week.The inputs a viable understand production schedule has actually are: founding inventory, sales foreactors, existing order portfolio, amount to develop, safety and security stock, manufacturing capacity.When creating an MPS, you can likewise take into consideration your batch criteria, Available to Promise, and maximum inventory.MPS freezing is crucial to lock components of the schedule in place a details amount of time before the schedule is taken into use. This helps to stop confusion resulted in by last-minute changes.The MPS benefits any kind of additionally planning done in the company, be it related to finances, inventory, HR, or manufacturing itself.Manufacturing Reresource Planning software is a substantial breakthrough from the hand-operated MPS procedure. It supplies an range of various inputs to create thorough plans and administer a real-time oversee of the totality business.

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