Listing products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm is called

worth engineering.

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worth evaluation.
product-by-worth analysis.

A course sheet

is an instruction to make a given quantity of a specific item.
lists the operations important to produce the component.
reflects in schematic develop exactly how a product is assembled.
is a correction or modification of an engineering drawing or bill of products.

An assembly chart is a(n)

exploded view of the product.
list of the operations essential to create the component.
instruction to make a provided amount of a details item.
schematic mirroring just how the product is assembled.

Self-checkout at a grocery save is an example of

delayed customization.
customer participation in company shipment.
complete automation.
customer participation in company design.

Which of the following is characteristic of the maturity phase?

Products are "fine-tuned."
Products are considered for termicountry.
Product deindications begin to stabilize.
Competitors are well establimelted.

When ordering a brand-new zagflatz, customers should choose the style of 3 major components, each of which has actually about ten variations. This is an instance of:

modular design.
environmentally friendly architecture.
robust design.

Which of the adhering to is NOT a principle of green manufacturing?

Use much less harmful ingredients.
Use lighter components.
Make assets so that tiny variations in production carry out not adversely impact the product.
Make products recyclable.

Which of the adhering to is an external product breakthrough strategy?

brand-new internally developed products
renovations to existing products
joint venture
migrations of existing products

Which of the complying with is an internal product development strategy?

joint ventures
migration of existing products
purchase technology or specialization by getting the developer

Tbelow is a 0.7 probcapability of suffering an increase in demand and also a 0.3 probcapacity of a decrease. If a firm redeindications an existing product, they will certainly obtain $400,000 if tbelow is a demand also increase and $100,000 if demand also falls. If the company designs a brand-new product, they will certainly gain $300,000 if demand boosts and also $200,000 if demand falls. If the agency does nothing, they will certainly not boost revenue at all. Which statement below is best?
The agency have to style a brand-new product.
The firm have to execute nothing.
The firm should redesign the existing product.
The company need to be indifferent around these two options.

In the business sector, the essential moment that exemplifies, improves, or detracts from the customer"s expectations is called

the minute of reality.
the crucial prompt.
the payoff.
the state of nature.

An umbrella of software program programs that might encompass CAD/CAM, DFMA, product routing, maintenance, and other product involves is called

enterpincrease resource management software program.
configuration management software application.
product requirements planning software application.
product lifecycle administration software.

When a customer places a repursuit for a product or business through a producer

a decision tree is produced.
a occupational order is produced.
an design adjust notice is produced.
an assembly chart is developed.

Product style may be accomplished even more conveniently with the use of cross-practical groups that job-related on assorted facets of the design at the exact same time. This strategy is known as

the house of high quality.
simultaneous design.
conexisting design.
the "throw it over the wall" approach.

A residence of quality would depict the stamina of connection in between which 2 items?

The stitching provided in your company"s brand-new product and also the stitching offered in a competitor"s wallet.
The customer"s need for a sealable adjust pocket and the customer"s require for plastic inserts to display photos.
The style team"s choice of material for a wallet and the products that were considered yet rejected by the style team.

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The customer"s desire for a resilient wallet and the company"s option of product for the wallet.
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