Our Houston Lawyers Take a Stand also Against Aggressive Drivers

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute released a research in 2013 that ranked Houston as having actually the sixth-highest possible price of traffic congestion in the country. The average Houstonian spends around 2 full days per year sitting in traffic, a circumstance that drives many kind of to feel frustrated and irritable.

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To make matters worse, Houston has some of the worst chauffeurs in the country: According to Allstate Insurance"s 2012Best Drivers Report, drivers in Houston are 25.9 percent even more most likely to be affiliated inauto mishaps than the national average. The unfortunate outcome is many avoidable crashes resulted in by aggressive (and often illegal) driving habits.

At The Daspit Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients pursue justice for the wrongs they have endured. In many situations, we represent civilization that have been injured or lost loved ones in accidents caused by vehicle drivers that are distracted, careless, or worn down. While anyone has a ideal to sue forindividual injury orwrongful death after an accident caused by an additional person"s negligence, this is especially true if the driver who brought about your accident was engaging in aggressive and also dangerous actions.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Placed simply, aggressive driving is any kind of form of behavior made by a driver that increases the risk of a website traffic accident. Aggressive driving generally involves multiple unsafe maneuvers or web traffic infractions and plays a function in a big portion of all mishaps throughout the state.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that even more than a quarter of all crashes involve speeding. Another 14 percent emerged when drivers ran red lights or stop signs, and also 12 percent affiliated unsafe turns or faitempt to yield best of method while turning.

In enhancement to occurrences in which aggressive driving was a factor, 959 accidents were straight attributed to road rage on the component of one of the drivers. Aggressive driving takes many kind of creates, all of which are completely unacceptable.

Instances of aggressive driving include:

Unsafe lane changingUnsafe passing or passing on the wrong sideCutting off other driversTailgatingJackrabbit starts from intersectionsDenying the best of means at a turn or soptimal sign

Motorists that commit moving offenses have the right to face fines of up to $200, potential jail sentences, and other negative repercussions to their driver"s license. Unfortunately, regulation enforcement police officers are not always able to stop an aggressive driver before they cause an accident.

Pursuing Compensation as a Victim of Roadway Rage

Although aggressive vehicle drivers deserve to be hosted criminally accountable after an accident, this does nothing to reimburse victims of their negligence. Accident victims, therefore, can organize the at-fault driver civilly liable for dameras via an injury case or lawsuit.

The financial recoextremely have the right to be supplied to pay medical bills, reimburse lost wages, and compensate for pain and also enduring. It is vital to involve a qualified and also trustworthy attorney as shortly as possible to ensure that you have actually the best opportunity of receiving compensation.

Holding Aggressive Drivers Accountable in Houston, TX

If you or your loved one has freshly been injured in an auto accident resulted in by an aggressive driver, you may have a right to attain compensation for your damages. Injured auto accident victims that are able to present solid proof of an at-fault driver"s aggressive driving have a fighting possibility of securing the compensation they need and deserve.

Contact our office for a complimentary consultation so that we deserve to start working on a strategy for seeking justice and also compensation for your losses.

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