The question included five answer choices (1,2,3,4,5), via each choices indicating a particular order of a,b,c,d (e.g. b-a-d-c). However before, in my opinion, "Which of the following is in the the majority of logical order?" is better, since it is among the options (one via five), not the order itself, that is being asked in the question. From the perspective of a fluent aboriginal speaker, is tbelow any grammatical, or contextual error in the first sentence?



Tbelow is nothing especially logical about the order of the alphabet. It is arbitrary. Unless tright here is some additionally aspect of the question that you haven"t told us, I agree with you.

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I suggest:

"Which of the following lists is in alphabetical order?"

Ignoring my other objections, a much more grammatical question would certainly be:

Which of the following is the many logical ordering?


Which of the following is the most logical order?

Is grammatically ok. Actually making use of the "in" through the additional conmessage you gave would certainly be slightly less judicious. Due to the fact that you do not treatment around the ordering of the letters. Instead you care around the ordering of the paragraphs and also the letters supply "an order" (actual a complete linear order) on the paragraphs.


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