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Choose the sentence that finest joins the sequence of occasions declared listed below without omitting any details or transforming the meaning.A vehicle cramelted right into the telephone pole.The power went out.I acquired the generator working.
I acquired the generator working after the power went out and a car crashed into the telephone pole. The power went out after I got the generator working; a automobile crashed right into the telephone pole. A automobile cramelted into a telephone pole, leading to the power to go out and me to get the generator functioning. The power went out after a vehicle crashed right into the telephone pole; I later got the generator functioning.
Four individuals form a company and develop a contract to divide the earnings equally among the 4. Gary invests $11,000, Neil invests $4,000, Jill invests $5,000, and also Steve invests $8,000. The profits at the end of the year are $5,600. How a lot less does Gary receive than if the revenues were divided in relation to the amount invested by each owner?

Bastion was 13th in line at the coffee shop. He was also 13th from the earlier of the line. How many type of civilization were in line?

Casey essential to relocate 23 expensive boxes from his truck to the loading dock. His forklift can only hold 3 boxes at as soon as. How many times did Casey have to visit the loading dock?

In 6 years, Jill will certainly be twice Amanda’s age. One year ago, Jill was nine times Amanda’s age. How old is Jill now?

Choose the word that effectively completes the following sentence. Although we would certainly favor a bigger office for our company sooner or later, our current one is ________, and we are happy through it.

Chris had $4 in cash, via which he purchased coffee for $0.79, a bag of chips for $1.69 and a lottery ticket for $1.00. If he does not need to pay sales tax, how much change have to he receive?

Which the same five-letter word, once placed in front of the following words, creates a new word?EGO, STAR, IMPOSE, HERO

Ernie had actually $10 in cash, through which he purchased gum for $1.29, a candy bar for $1.49 and a beverage for $2.39. If he does not have to pay sales taxation, how a lot change have to he receive?

Divide 50 in half. Add 15. Multiply by 10. Subtract 25. What is the resulting number? Enter a numerical worth just.
The last cow in the field? They’re here—the small, the medium and also the huge. Aobtain through the chicken! Big, snarly pets in the cage.
The Johnkid household has a food budget of $355 per month. They have currently invested $187 this month. How a lot is left in their budgain for the month?

Jacob was 27th in line at the airport. He was also 27th from the ago of the line. How many kind of people were in line?

Some gomblesteins are panganters and also all panganters are gerbelsons. Are some gomblesteins certainly gerbelsons?

Janine’s shoes price $44.50, her pants price $20.80 and her t-shirt expense $14.95. What is the complete of her purchases?

In four years, Phil will be half Tim’s age. Two years ago, Tim was 5 times Phil’s age. How old is Phil now?(Enter the age numerically)

A corporation budgeted $6,735 to be spent within the sales department. So far, the department has actually invested $1,355.55 of the budacquire. How much money is left in the budget?

Choose the sentence that most very closely resembles the interpretation of the proverb, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Your principles are even more persuasive than coercion. A pen is more intimidating than a sword. Swords are less resilient than pens. Fighting is a poor idea, no matter the circumstances.
This year, 16 out of 800 employees that worked for Corporation Z got awards for their performance, which is _____ portion of the employees.
A 5-foot tall woguys is standing near a flag pole which casts a shadow of 21 feet on level ground. If the women’s shadow is 3 feet lengthy, exactly how tall is the flag pole? (Get in numerical value only)
A girl is 18 years old and her brother is a third her age. When the girl is 36, what will be the age of her brother? Go into a numerical value just.

Jacob was 27th in line at the airport. He was also 27th from the back of the line. How many civilization were in line?

Jeff operated 44 hours two weeks ago, 34 hours last week, and 42 hours this week. How many type of hours did he job-related in total?
Julie is a hair stylist. She provides $10.25 an hour, plus $6 added for eexceptionally hairreduced she performs. This week she functioned a complete of 40 hrs and also perdeveloped 46 haircuts. How much money did she make?

Six cooks deserve to boil 12 pots of water in 4 minutes. How many kind of cooks are essential to boil 48 pots of water in four minutes?

Assume the first two statements are true. All restaurants in Japan serve bevereras. Fanta is a renowned soda in Japan. Do Japanese restaurants in the USA serve Fanta?

Which the same four-letter word, when placed in front of the following words, develops a new word?PRINT, SHAKE, WRITE, STAND, CUFF

If one serving of cookie dough makes 4 cookies, how many cookies have the right to be made via 7 servings of cookie dough? Enter a numerical worth only.

At a business meeting of five human being, eincredibly perchild shakes hands with eextremely other perboy one time. How many type of complete handshakes occur?

Choose the sentence that the majority of carefully resembles the meaning of the proverb, “Two wrongs don’t make a ideal.”

Committing two wrong acts is twice as bad as one. You can’t be best by being wrong. Seeking revenge just provides things worse. Two rights don’t make a wrong.

Three painters can paint 3 walls in 3 minutes. How many painters are essential to paint 27 walls in nine minutes?

A dance studio wants to usage square mirror tiles to cover two wall surfaces in their studio that measure 2 feet by 2 feet. Each wall procedures 9 feet tall by 22 feet lengthy. The studio instructor has actually asked for that a 1 foot gap be left between the floor and the start of the mirrors. How many mirror tiles are essential to cover both walls?
The 4:25 bus to the metro airport has actually a travel time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bus is running late now though. What will certainly be the arrival time to the airport?

The number, “three thousand, eight hundred, sixty-eight,” when written backward, is review, “eight thousand, 6 hundred, eighty-3.”

The number, “nine thousand, 3 hundred, forty-one,” when written backward, is read, “four thousand also, one hundred, thirty-nine.”

From the following two statements, which conclusion is absolutely true?

Namong the gardeners are tennis players.All authors are gardeners.
Some gardeners are tennis players. Writers are not tennis players. Writers are tennis players. Some writers are not gardeners.
My neck of the woods. Helps us save money on vehicle insurance and fuel costs. Wind, fire, water—elements of the Earth. We’re off!

Karl owns 28 golf balls. Some are green, some are blue and also numerous are ovariety. One fourth are red. Are 7 golf balls certainly green?

Which the same three-letter word, when put in front of the complying with words, creates a brand-new word?


Choose the sentence that ideal joins the sequence of events declared below without omitting any type of details or altering the interpretation of the sentence.Charles was fired from his project last December.For four months, he was on joblessness.He is going back to college in June.
Charles was fired from his job last December; he starts college in four months in June. When Charles starts college in June, he will have actually been on unemployment for four months; he was fired from his project last December. Last December, Charles was fired from his job and was on unemployment for 4 months; he is going to college in June. After getting fired in December, Charles went earlier to college for four months.

How many type of of the 5 pairs listed below are duplicates? Get in a numerical worth only.

Suspicious AND SpaciousConspicuous AND ConspicuousMalicious AND MaliciousGray AND GreyHummingbird AND Humningbird

What is the mathematical average of the variety of feet in a yard, secs in a minutes and months in a year? Get in a numerical worth just.
Taylor is going on a road trip that is 600 miles long. Her frifinish recommends that she buy engine oil A bereason it will certainly save her 60 cents in gas for eextremely 20 miles of the expedition. Oil A, however, will expense $35. Is it worthwhile for Taylor to buy the oil if she has actually a coupon for $10 off the price?
Choose the word that properly completes the complying with sentence. Have you _______ in the choir before?

If the red suitinstance weighs 40 pounds, the blue suitsituation weighs 25 pounds and also the babsence suitsituation weighs 72 pounds, any kind of two of them together weigh at leastern 70 pounds.

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A road building crew is resurdealing with the highmethod between suggest D and also allude E. The distance between allude D and also allude E is 93 miles of road. The crew has actually completed 35 miles. If they work-related at a pace of 2.9 miles per day, just how many more days will certainly it require to finish?
If tright here are 18 complete boxes full of photo frames, each containing 22 frames. In total, exactly how many picture frames are contained in the boxes?

Which identical three-letter word, when put in front of the following words, creates a brand-new word?

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