Today you will perform a test for which Detroit:Become Person character are you. You have the right to only be Android/Deviant Connor, Markus or Kara. Please and have fun.

Sorry yet you can not be North, Josh, Simon, Alice, Luther or Hank because you can"t regulate those personalities in the game. But I might make an additional for side characters. Thank you

Created by: Tayshaun

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What is your age? Under 18 18-24 25-40 41-60 60+Gender? Male FemaleYou watch an android for help. What execute you do? Assistance the android Save the android and convince him to sign up with us Leave the android. I have a mission to accomplishWhich association are you in? DPD Jericho and also I am the leader NoneIf you were Connor and also you had a choice to end up being deviant or reprimary an android, what would certainly you pick? Become deviant, fight for your freedom Reprimary android, that"s what I"m created forIf you were Markus, what would certainly you perform to win your freedom? Confrontation(Fight) Dialogue Stay hidingWho is your favorite sidekick? Hank North Josh Simon Alice LutherChase deviant or Save partner Chase deviant Save companion I am the deviantDid you like the quiz? No effect YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Ok No NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which one execute you want? Android Connor Deviant Connor Markus Kara

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Quiz topic: Which primary android am I?

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