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Regarded by doubters as one of the best American movies ever made, Some Like It Hot proceeds to delight audiences 50 years after it debuted in 1959; in reality, the Amerideserve to Film Institute called it No. 1 on their list of the 100 ideal comedies of all time.

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Filmed in 1958, the United Artists movie was swarm on location at the Hotel del Coronado, Southern California’s landmark Pacific retype. The Del’s iconic Victorian design made it the perfect backdrop for the film’s 1929 establishing, together with acting icons Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.


Says author and scholar Laurence Maslon, that released Some Like It Hot: The Official 50th Anniversary Companion in September 2009 during the 50th anniversary celebration at the Hotel del Coronado (published by Collins Deauthorize, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers in the US and Anova Books in the UK), “There have actually been most movies shot on the majority of areas, yet only a few marriperiods of celluloid and also place can be considered truly legendary. Chief among those magical moments is the sight of Marilyn Monroe cavorting on the beautiful beach at the footprocedures of the Hotel del Coronado.”


The Prohibition-era story follows the exploits of Lemmon and also Curtis, out-of-work-related Chicearlier musicians who accidentally witness a gangland slaying. Making a run for their resides, the males disguise themselves as womales and sign up with an all-girl band traveling by train to Florida. Here, a ukulele-strumming singer, played by Monroe, catches the eyes of both guys, however it is Curtis’ character that assumes still another identity – an unlucky-in-love millionaire – to properly woo and win Monroe.

Lemmon’s cross-dressed character, meanwhile, is intensely pursued by a bona fide millionaire, played by Joe E. Brown. The hilarious gender-moving romantic romp is played out at California’s renowned Hotel del Coronado, which director Billy Wilder discovered to be the perfect substitute for Florida in the Roaring Twenties.

Sunshine … California-Style

At least one Floridian was less than happy around Wilder’s decision to shoot the movie in San Diego. Miami Mayor Robert King High reportedly sassist it was “a sacrilege” to let Southern California play the function of Florida’s “Sunshine State.” This sour criticism was ably met by Coronado’s mayor, who wired back, “Some favor it warm, but not as hot as Miami in September.” The mayor’s rebuttal also referenced Florida’s gnats, mosquitoes and also hurricanes, none of which plagued the tempeprice island also of Coronaexecute.


An “Uproariously Improbable Set”

Like all Amerihave the right to resorts, the Hotel del Coronaperform had actually sustained some tough years during the Depression and World War II, but it was this duration of benign disregard that aided maintain the rekind, making it the perfect setting for Wilder’s 1929 story, which he co-composed via I.A. Diamond. Shelp Wilder, “We looked far and also wide, but this was the only area we might discover that hadn’t adjusted in thirty years. People who have never before view this beautiful hotel will never before believe we didn’t make these scenes on a movie lot. It’s favor the past concerned life.”

Although at leastern one critic didn’t believe the hotel was genuine, describing The Del as “an uproariously improbable set.” The hotel’s 1888 Queen Anne Revival-style architecture does tend towards the fanciful, with rambling white clapboard, lazy verandas and also red-turreted roofs, which an previously writer had characterized as a cross between an ornate wedding cake and a well-trimmed ship.

Although just exterior scenes were filmed at hotel, the interior scenes do look extremely Del-prefer (ideal dvery own to the placement of the lobby elevator and stairs). This more than likely describes why so many type of Some Like It Hot devotees – also after seeing the Hotel del Coronado for themselves – absolutely refusage to think that the movie’s interior scenes were not filmed at The Del.

Favored by the Fans, Overlooked by the Oscars

The movie was a box office success, grossing over $8 million initially and also earning numerous million even more over the following few years – somewbelow between $10 and also $15 million.

Monroe’s financial deal – she obtained between $100,000 and $300,000, and 10 percent of the film’s gross revenues – was a really lucrative setup in its day, and Some Like It Hot turned out to be her many profitable undertaking.

The movie was also a vital success. Variety called it the biggest hit of 1959; Monroe obtained a Golden Globe for her performance, as did Jack Lemmon. The film itself also won a Golden Globe for “ideal comedy.”

In spite of its financial success and also public accolades, the film got just one minor Academy Award for “Best Black and also White Costume Deauthorize.” Today it is thought that Some Like It Hot was simply as well risqué for 1959, as soon as the huge winner that year was Ben-Hur (likewise in the running for various Academy Awards were the likes of Diary of Anne Frank, Room at the Top, Pillow Talk and Porgy and also Bess).

The Some Like It Hot story line is racy, and Monroe’s costumes are very revealing, also by today’s requirements (though, according to Wilder, Marilyn was not interested in fashion … as long as the costumes revealed “something,” she was satisfied). Ahead of its time maybe, contemporary reviewers marvel that the movie still comes across as such a wholesome film; this was Monroe’s forte: she was sexy, however childchoose.

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Although this is the Monroe film many presented on tv now, the actress supposedly never before favored her performance.