How did the Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 change the means Massachusetts was governed?It put a army federal government in location.It developed the place of royal governor.It let the colonists ascendancy themselves. It prohibited trial by jury.

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In response to British regulate of Boston in 1775, colonistsagreed via the Intolerable Acts.consented to British dominance.negotiated through the king.formed equipped militias.
What was the purpose of the Stamp Act of 1765?to raise revenue from Amerideserve to coloniesto identify if colonists were smugglingto provide Parliament the appropriate to levy a taxto punish people who did not pay their taxes
In 1765, Britain"s Parliament passed a taxes on early american newspapers and also pamphallows dubbed theSugar Act.Stamp Act.Townshfinish Acts.Quartering Act.
Which occasion developed in Concord during April of 1775?British troops retreated from the fierce fighting with minutemales.British troops caught all of the colonists" ammunition.Minutemen retreated from fierce fighting via British troops.Minutemales went into hiding after British troops arrived.
Which of the following statements finest defines the meaning of the Battle of Lexington?The Battle of Lexington finished the Amerideserve to Radvancement.The Battle of Lexington was the initially fight the minuteguys won.The Battle of Lexington started the Amerideserve to Revolution.The Battle of Lexington was the last battle the minutemales won.
Which of the complying with is a true statement about the Boston Massacre?It brought about the repeal of the Stamp Act.It had actually no impact on the swarms.It ended up being a rallying suggest for anti-French feeling.It came to be a rallying allude for anti-British feeling.
Which of the complying with best describes the First Continental Congress of 1774?The First Continental Congress was a meeting in Boston to talk about how to handle an undesirable delivery of tea.The First Continental Congress was a meeting in Charleston to comment on the exercise of smuggling items into the colonies.The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteenager nests called in response to the Boston Massacre.The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen swarms called in response to the Intolerable Acts.
The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen nests called in response to the Intolerable Acts.
After the Boston Massacre, the swarms organizedthe Townshfinish Acts to pay taxes to Britain.Committees of Correspondence to respond to prospering conflicts.the Boston Tea Party to celebrate the lifting of the tea tax.the Intolerable Acts to repay Britain for its duty in the events of 1770.

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Which of the following best describes the occasions of the Boston Massacre?Boston townshuman being attacked and eliminated 5 British soldiers.Boston soldiers assaulted and eliminated five Boston townscivilization.British soldiers struck Boston townspeople, who swarm 5 soldiers.Boston townspeople struck British soldiers, that shot five colonists.

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