Face it - everyone loves the Avengers... Take the test to find out which Avenger you must marry! (Beware: you could end up through a negative guy) ;-)

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You acquired Loki!!! He's pretty awesome, however let's just say that it's more than likely never before going to be smooth riding through him... however that will certainly make it fun!! Welconcerned a life filled through glorious purpose! :-)

You gained Thor!!! You will certainly both live happily ever before after, acomponent from two problems: 1) Loki. 2) His mom more than likely doesn't recognize that he weareth her drapes.

You acquired Iron Man!! Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. You definitely got an amazing package!! (And, of course, 12% of every moment and thing)

You obtained Cap!!! You just scored a good man :-) no matter what happens, he will certainly do every little thing best and treat you prefer a appropriate lady. What's not to love?

You gained Hawkeye!! He's one pretty cool dude, and also let's face it - freakishly talented with that bow of his... You 2 will certainly live happily ever before after in a little nation cottage, with a tractor that won't start correctly ;-)

You gained Hulk!! Don't freak out - you've actually landed a pretty great guy!! Though perhaps a tiny green and also stormy on the exterior, he is a really sweet man inside. (And who doesn't love a guy who's a small dorky? When he's not massive and also green, of course...)

You obtained Ultron!! Don't freak out - he's most likely a super super nice man, simply a tiny troubled for now. As long as you have the right to attend to intense and also unpredictable, then you two will certainly be simply fine together!! And via the best love and care, anyone can change over time.

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You gained Agent Coulson!! Let's confront it - there's probably not a much better or kinder perboy than this guy! You are one lucky lady!! Just remember - don't let him play unoversaw via massive firearms no one knows anything about. I understand the initially time he did that, he temporarily rerelocated a huge nuisance, but next time it could not be so great, so simply remain on the safe side. ;-P

Face it - everyone loves the Avengers... Take the test to uncover out which Avenger you should marry! (Beware: you can end up through a bad guy) ;-)