One of my favorite movies from this past year isThe Perks of Being a Wallflower, created (novel and screenplay) and directed by the ultra-talentedStephen Chbosky. The movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, through a few scenes swarm in Upper St. Clair, a prestigious community wbelow Mr. Chbosky offered to live through his parental fees.

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I love everything around this film, from its story, its perfect actors, to its memorable Pittsburgh settings. The Steel City stands firmly on its very own as one of the unforgettable personalities of the movie.The Perks of Being a Wallfloweris collection in Pittsburgh throughout the early on 1990’s, a nostalgic time duration in which mixtapes and VCRs had a substantial influence in a teenager’s life (the equivalence of our current days’ iPods, DVRs, Twitter and also Facebook).

The Perks of Being a Wallflowerfeatures a team of young, talented actors includingLogan Lermale,Emma Watkid,Mae Whitman, andEzra Miller. For the majority of of these actors, as proficient as they currently are in their craft,Perksis more than likely the launching pad for one of their the majority of breakout and also memorable roles to date.

Perkscenters around a tender, heartwarming friendship between Charlie, an introvert, troubled freshman trying to navigate with his initially year in high school, and also 2 seniors Sam and also Patric who, in rerotate, uncover a kindred soul in their brand-new friend Charlie. Throughout the movie, we learn about the inner battles and also dilemma these personalities confront and whether they can get over their very own deeply-rooted issues.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, adjusted from Mr. Chbosky’snovelof the exact same name publiburned in 1999, is loosely based upon the author’s younger years thriving up in blue-collar Pittsburgh. The story is fiercely and affectionately tied to the city as its establishing. In the Director’s Commentary area of the DVD, Mr. Chboskies repeatedly describes the city as “my beloved Pittsburgh.” The director’s love for his hometvery own shines via in the affectionate yet subtle means he functions the miscellaneous Pittsburgh places in the movie.

“Tright here was nowhere else I can have made this movie, with the authenticity and the magic that Pittsburgh has actually,” said Mr. Chbosky, that now resides in Los Angeles via his family members.


Perkswas filmed in and aroundPeters Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh through an urban-rural feel a lot coveted this particular day. The director, a 1988 graduate of Upper St. Clair High School, hand-picked each location for his movie. Many kind of of them are genuine life locations wbelow he supplied to hang out as a boy or teen.Some of the areas featured in the movie include the famousFort Pitt Tunnel, theHollytimber Theaterin Dormont,Kings Family Restaurantin Upper St. Clair, andPeters Township High School(where the majority of of the movie takes place).

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“I’m extremely, very proud to be from this township and institution. It’s the dream of my life to write this book and also film it at residence,” common Mr. Chobsky via the Upper St. Clair High School students in the time of his visit at the college last year. “When I wrote the novel, this (Pittsburgh and Upper St. Clair) is what I experienced. There is no various other location I would certainly have wanted to film it.”

Last December, I bribed my friend - via assures of all the excellent Pittsburgh meals we’re going to have - to take a road trip to the Steel City through me. Being a vast fan of the movie,I wanted to personally scout out the filming areas ofPerks. Wemapped out the routebased upon the location of each place on our list. If you’re ever before in Pittsburgh and also want to revisit the filming areas ofPerks, just follow the order presented listed below. Make certain you watch the movie prior to the expedition at least when or twice. Then - I promise - you’ll have actually a magical time!


1. West End Overlook

We started our scouting adventures via a nice lengthy speak at theWest End Overlook, wright here a few scenes in Perks were shot. The West End Overlook is a tiny municipal park with a watch of the city so beautiful and also unintended, it literally took my breath away. Even though it’s Pittsburgh’s lesser-known overlook (the various other is the even more famousMount Washington), the watch from tright here is no less spectacular (see photo below).