After some recent expansions to some of my negotiations, I uncover myself running pretty low on hardwood these days. I"ve been salvaging as a lot raw product as feasible and have also taken to buying any type of junk that consists of lumber, however it takes a heck of most brooms to make also one room in a settlement.

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What I am not brief on at the minute is caps. So, is there a seller somewbelow who will give me a bunch of wood? (For caps, of course. I"m not over paying for it.)


Yes, there are 3 vendors that will certainly market shipments of wood.

Connie Abernathy, Abernathy Farm (50 units)Supervisor Greene, Graygarden (50 units)Moe Cronin, Diamond City (100 units)

Besides that, the finest method to gain wood is by scrapping all trees, hardwood piles, stumps, and fences in negotiations. Larger trees generally scrap for 20-30 units of hardwood aitem.


Moe in Diamond city has actually timber shipments for sale.


Tright here is likewise a list here of points that can be scrapped for some wood


Although you could leave your settlement to shop for wood (or various other offers, favor steel), I find it a lot simpler to create a Trading Shop inside your negotiation instead.

The Trading Shop I developed in Sanctuary sells "Shipments of Wood" in enhancement to other products, including junk items that contain rare components choose nuclear product, oil, and so on.

Plus, building and also manning a Trading Shop provides a +10 all at once happiness bonus, and also it geneprices caps. You additionally don"t need to haul your massive mutifruit/purified water stash any kind of further than throughout the street. It"s basically a win no matter exactly how you slice it!


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