Any tricks for farming wood?

» Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:14 am

Wood is the one resource I require the the majority of, I am building up settlements and also have 3 ideal now at max settlers. I have 3 even more I want to execute, yet lumber and concrete are a must. Cement I can clone, what around farming wood?

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» Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:18 pm

The title to the thread made me smile........

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You might wanna try the male who sells bats in diamond city he has actually timber shipments cheap. (likewise pencils and also clipboards give a bit)

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Wood is a little bit difficult to obtain from loot, simplest is to cut dvery own all the forests on the settlements also if you do not need it on that settlement.

you could want to usage more steel as it deserve to be acquired from tools and also steel armor. Weapon via wooden details drop one lumber also.

You deserve to break up weapon on crafting stations at assorted raider bases. Else its not extremely expensive to buy.

If you have sufficient caps, you can buy hardwood shipment from Moe (100) at Diamond City Market, Environment-friendly at Graygarden and Connie at Abernathy Farm sells 50 lumber shipment.

Breaking down items, scrapping trees.

Basically, develop Purified water farm to gather enough cap then buy shipments of hardwood from sellers, perhaps lumber items if they market any type of.

Yea, lately I have actually been buying hardwood even more regularly (I"ve unlocked all negotiations and also scrapped all the trees. My Spectacle Island fortress used a ton of lumber lol).

Some settlements have a ton of trees you deserve to scrap, like Spectacle Island. Use a Ghoul Settler to develop a supply line to the Island (because of some radiation in the water). You will certainly obtain even more and also even more wood, the even more settlements you open up. Scrap all the trees you discover and also build supply lines.

Keep in mind that at this time you run out you need to be able to have build more than 10 water purifiers offering you more than 100 purified water each day / visit and also must not have troubles buying hardwood.

Oh I have caps coming out of my ears, so buying hardwood is no concern for me.

And I don"t use Purified Water as money, I use pre-battle money and/or ammo kinds that I don"t use.

Scavenger inhabitants seem to "create" resources that players can"t access. With one or two scavenging benches at each settlement -though I do not actually know if they stack - WITH settlers assigned to them (that took me WAY as well lengthy to number out) timber has actually never been an problem for me.

There"s a COMPUTER mod that allows you actually plant trees and also then harvest timber (in increments of, I think, 15, 30, and also 60 depending upon which variation of the mod you use). I"ve planted the trees however have not yet been ago to harvest the lumber so I cannot say via certainty that it functions however if it does, Spectacle Island also is about to end up being Endor.

wow farming wood? lol Just scrap eextremely tree on each negotiation. Some have a pack of trees. and also make sure to connect your settlements.

Several of the weapons yield lumber as soon as damaged down also, though not every one of the ones that ostensibly should yield some.

The returns are completely out of whack. A pencil returns "1" lumber, and a baseball bat returns probably "4."

A typical pencil weighs 6 to 10 g (we"ll say "8" on average), and also your average basesphere bat weighs 880 g.

If 8g of pencil = 1 "unit" of hardwood, then 880g of bat should = 110 units of wood.

A sapling should probably yield 200 to 800 "units" of lumber and also huge tree have to more than likely yield 2000 also as high as 5000.

Will be fun to "fix" this stuff in the GECK when it is out

Might not make the game "fun" however I"m going to attempt it.

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Also, a piece of the "cheaper" wall provides up "7" timber (together with about "3" steel). So you can build a wall surface with SEVEN pencils, or two basesphere bats!?

The obvious problem right here is that, many of the structure components must have actually various units: logs, planks, boards, scraps, etc. It have to pretty much be difficult to revolve any kind of "smaller" unit of hardwood right into a bigger unit: you cannot "make" a board utilizing 100 pencils, it just does not work that method . . . however now we are getting right into an overhaul of the whole loot/crafting/inventory/weights/building mechanism, and also I might or may not go tright here.