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Fortnite Seachild 10 Secret Battle Stars are ultimately live following the recent 10.10 upday. In this no-nonfeeling overview, we"ll expose the locations of the Secret Battle Stars for Week 1 and also Week 2 making use of the latest Loading Screens.

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Like all Secret Battle Stars, you should first finish all Mission Challenges in a provided week for these to appear. Provided you"ve done that, let"s acquire to the guide.

Fortnite Seakid 10 Week 1 Secret Battle Star Location

The Week 1 Secret Battle Star area can be seen in the BRUTE Loading Screen that made its visibility recognized at the start of Seakid 10. Right below X-Lord, who"s huddled in the right hand corner, are works with D2, D3, E2 and E3.


"Fortnite" Seakid 10 lastly has actually Secret Battle Stars. This is Loading Screen #1. "Fortnite" is obtainable currently on Ps4, Xbox One and PC.Epic GamesJust go to that spot on the Battle Royale map, and also you have to see the Week 1 Secret Battle Star.



Fortnite Season 10 Week 2 Secret Battle Star Location

The Week 2 Secret Battle Star location is teased in the Shootout at Sundvery own Loading Screen from last week. This is what it looks prefer.


YouTubeIn the height left of this photo is a fork and also knife etched into the building. Many Fortnite fans will recognize the Fork and Knife are situated northwest of Fatal Fields and to the ideal of Grandma"s House. The Battle Star deserve to be found in between the Fork and also Knife, not inside it. Look for the usual little patch of dirt.

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YouTubeThat"s all you should understand around the Week 1 and also 2 Secret Battle Stars in Seakid 10 of Fortnite.

Were you able to find both Secret Battle Stars? What are your thoughts on the return of Retail Row? Tell us in the comments section!

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