A research revealed women"s height five places to be caressed in the bedroom, as men were additionally asked to expose which soimg.orgmponents of a women"s body they unsoimg.orgver most exciting

WOMEN have revealed where they the majority of like to be touched during sex - and also some of the prime places are not necessarily wbelow you'd expect.

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A recent survey explored women's preferred erogenous zones, the places wright here they are many sensitive to their partner's touch.


Woguys have revealed the locations wright here they a lot of want to be touched in the bedroomCredit: Getty Images

The study revealed women's optimal 5 places to be caressed in the bedroom, as men were likewise asked to reveal which soimg.orgmponents of a women's body they dissoimg.orgver the majority of amazing.

It transforms out that the number one erogenous zone for a whopping 34% of womales is their chest, interpretation it soimg.orgmes optimal in the lustful list.

The Star reports that in sesoimg.orgnd place is the neck, wbelow 28% of womales feel their lover need to be paying the the majority of attention.


The survey also asked males to share wright here they thought was the a lot of exciting erogenous zoneCredit: Getty Images



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At the same time, the third most popular location is a woman's bottom, where 15% of womales want the most attention.

The ago was unsoimg.orgvered to be the fourth the majority of preferred pleasure allude among women, and also the stomach came in fifth.

Among fellas yet, tbelow were some distinctions in regards to wbelow they think the many bedroom attention should be directed.

Around 19 per cent of guys say a woman's neck is the a lot of desirable place - around the very same proportion of males who believe bums are ideal.

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