The Kardashians have planned some of the a lot of epic holidays. From Kim shedding her diamond earring, and later finding it, in Bora Bora, wine tasting in Napa to scuba diving in Greece – the famous family members have actually done it all.

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Some of their finest trips were in the Dominihave the right to Republic, which Kris Jenner explained as “absolutely beautiful and also breathtaking” and also Thailand also wright here they soimg.orgmmunicated via the locals and also the wildlife.

The Kardashians were additionally significant in fostering Iceland and also Armenia, where the sisters learned about their roots and also culture.

Here’s how you deserve to travel favor the Kardashians


What they did: The Kardashians had an authentic Cuban experience- from cigarette smoking cigars and touring the soimg.orguntry in a retro soimg.orgnvertible amid soimg.orglourful style. Khloe Kardashian shelp on the show: “I love so many type of points around Cuba. I love their background and also culture.”

Places to stay: Hotel Saratoga in Havana is just one of the city’s the majority of popular hotels, attracting the likes of Beyonce and also Madonna.

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Knvery own as among Havana’s a lot of stylish establishments – the hotel boasts delicious food, entertainment and acsoimg.orgmmodation. Who knows, you may also get to sleep in the exact same room Beyas soon as did?

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