Sometimes tright here are playthings I obtain to testimonial that the bit ones cannot wait to gain their hands on, yet extremely hardly ever is there somepoint that arrives my girls flip over — however Gel-a-Peel? Is the one thing I did not hear the finish of till I let them open up package and also dig ideal in!

My girls are girly girls. They love all points pink and also girly. They love glitter and also being able to make their own things, and love having things made practice. It’s why my friends considered gaining them tradition photo phone cases (or Handyhülle mit Foto in German!) as presents in the previous. My girls are fans of the bespoke; They love mirroring off their unique style and when it pertains to Gel-a-Peel they are both able to execute that also though both their styles are totally different!

Gel-a-Peel allows you be imaginative and also is many fun while doing it!

Gel-A-Peel 3D Design Station

Make cell phone cases, key chains, arm bands, earrings and pencil toppers out of the neon yellow, pink and orange gel tubes, plus an exclusive sparkle white gel tube. With so many kind of deindications, colors and also 6 designer tips, the options to accessorize are seemingly endless. Sindicate architecture, peel, wear and also share to present off your fabulous brand-new pieces to all your friends.


Design and produce your very own 3D cell phone instances, essential chains, bracelets, earrings and also pencil toppers out of gelIncludes neon yellow, pink and also orange gel tubes and also the exclusive Sparkle White colorAdd the accessory cone and also one of the 36 architecture templates to the station, pick a gel tube and a designer pointer and also then let your inner DIY diva take overWhen the gel is completely dry, peel it off to disclose an adorable accessoryComes with accessory hardware to complete the look and a cleaning tool to store the station neat and tidyIdeal for ages 8 years and older

What’s in the box:

Gel-a-Peel 3D Accessory Design StationGel tube display standFour gel tubes: neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, exclusive sparkle white36 style templates3D iPhone 5 cell phone situation layout, 3D iPhone 6 cell phone case template3D cone design template for arm bands and earringsTwo 3D spbelow templates for pencil toppers and vital chainsSix designer tips, cleaning tool, accessory hardware

We additionally wanted to highlight the Gel-a-Peel deluxe kit 5 load. So many kind of fun and exciting ways to be creative and also show off your true style, the deluxe kit have the right to make 100+ arm bands and also really cool accessories you deserve to wear!

Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Kit 5 pack


Get crafty and also obtain creative! This kit comes through 24 design templates, so you have the right to start through the beginner bracelets and also job-related your means approximately the progressed necklaces. Each template instructs you exactly how to architecture each accessory, including which of the salso designer tips to use and which of the 5 gel tube colors to draw through. This collection has a huge assortment of gel tubes and templates to conveniently produce even more than 100 vibrant, distinct accessories in simply 3 simple steps: attract, peel and also wear!


Large assortment of supplies allows you custom produce over 100 of your very own unique accessoriesUse the Pat an early stage Lilac, Sparkle Sea Foam, Pure Gold, Sparkle Coral and Pearly Plum gel tubes to trace the templates and start designing24 style templates market artistic and also fun accessories to make through beginner, intermediate and progressed instructionsAdd among the seven designer tips to the gel tubes to squeeze out the gel in a distinct patternHardware for earrings, key chains and also a headband also let you start wearing your creations as shortly as the gel driesBuild your repertoire of colors and designs via the various other Gel-A-Peel kits (extra kits offered separately)Recommfinished for periods 8 years and older

What’s in the box:

Five gel tubes: Pbeforehand Lilac, Sparkle Sea Foam, Pure Gold, Sparkle Cdental, Pearly Plum24 design templatesSalso designer tipsClear illustration sheet, cleaning toolHardware for earrings, headband and also essential chain

Recommended age: 8+Price: $16.99 – 59.99Available at: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, Sears, Loblaws

See Ava and also Kyla Explore Gel-a-Peel:

Of course we couldn’t simply article around it because you can’t obtain the genuine fn of these assets without seeing them first hand also we think. So, my girls required to YouTube to carry you a video clip of what deserve to be made through Gel-a-Peel!

Perfect for Christmas, or any kind of gift Gel-a-Peel deserve to let bit artistic minds have the majority of fun and also let their imagicountries run free. We will for certain be buying even more Gel-a-Peel assets, they are already on the girls Christmas lists and also they can’t wait to produce more!

Next off up I’m going to ask them to create me a brand-new cell phone case! Super cute, fun and also bright!

Disclosure: This is a funded short article.

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I was offered these assets totally free to article this review. However all opinions are mine and also 100% true.