This Song is supposed for Scouts BSA. Decide for yourself if it is proper for your younger scouts or not.Lyrics:Don"t you laugh when the hearse goes by "Causage you can be the beside die They"ll wrap you up in a clean white sheet And put you down around six feet deep They put you into a wooden box,And cover you over with earth and rocks. It"s not so negative for the initially few weeks Until your coffin begins to leak.The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out The worms play pinochle on your snout They eat your eyes, they eat your nose They eat the jelly in between your toes They eat your apparel, they eat your hat They crawl in skinny, and crawl out fat Your teeth loss in and your eyes pop out,Your brains come trickling dvery own your snout.Then you revolve disgustingly green Your skin as slimy as whipping cream.So next time you watch the hearse go by Watch out! You might be the following (pause) To (pause) Die! Click one to vote: Did you choose it?
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OMG! I remember this from as soon as I was a small child, however I never kbrand-new the whole song - glad I uncovered this page!

Jun 08, 2018 - miranda

it was awsome

May 24, 2019 - Kaeil Winchester

Whenever I had a bully issue, I"d simply sing this to them and they"d gain so creeped out, that they"d run amethod.

When I learnt this in England also it finished through The moral of the story that"s been relatedIs not be buried however be cremated.

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I heard a ghost story for years at Camp Easton in North Idaho and also composed a song about it when I prospered up. It"s called Avaleah. If you"d favor me to send an mp3 file let me know. Here are the lyrics: LEGEND OF AVALEAHAvaleah was a womanLived on the hills highIn the eerie moonlit nights,you can her mournful cry.It occurred extremely lengthy earlier,So the stories tell,In the wilderness wright here her noisy heart dwells.From the city she came gaily With her husband to resideIn the hills of Idaho Where the wild points abide. But she couldn"t stand the solitude,Her patience was also taxed. In the mournful lonely winter She reached out for her axe. Chorus: Avaleah... Avaleah... Is that your voice I hear? Avaleah... Avaleah... Did you leave your funeral bier?Her husband"s prental fees did not abateAs she cut him up. She provided his fingers, toes and also arms To the beasts for sup. Her children 3 did not escapeThey additionally felt the wrathOf her insane furyCutting brief their final breaths. When spring lugged it"s tranquility To the hill height, They discovered the grisly carnage That death brought to a speak. Avaleah had actually disappeared Never to be uncovered. Now legend has an explacountry forthe nighttime sound. If you"re out in the woods And you hear a ghostly cry... Perhaps it"s Avaleah, Whose spirit will certainly not die.

to: Lawrence Miller EXCELLENT MORAL to the song....we provided to sing this as children. I have a younger sister w/ serious medical difficulties however that offered to be very anti-cremation. I sang this to her to aid her see the benefit of cremation. It worked ! and she laughed cause she well remembered the song as well. I told her I wanted no company or anypoint, just anyone that cared around me to sing this song in my memory. I"ve had actually a lengthy life I don"t desire those who loved me to be sad....a great laugh or smile will certainly please me.