Could you please help me via the exercise inquiries before the last exam. Thanks.1.When specifying a variable, the keyword ____ shows up at the beginning of the statement.a.Assignc.Defineb.Declared.Dim2.When specifying a variable to be used to organize textual information containing multiple characters, the declaration statement must have actually ____ at the end of the statement.a.As Charc.As Stringb.As Char Typed.As String Type3.A variable that will certainly be offered to host just True or False worths must be declared as a(n) ____ data type.a.Booleanc.Integerb.Decimald.Single4.A routine whose interconfront will be a window on the display screen of a computer system running the Windows operating system, and which will allow the user to interact via the program by making use of this window, is developed by choosing a ____ project in Visual Studio.a.Net applicationc.Windows applicationb.Consingle applicationd.Custom control5.Properties deserve to be presented in the Properties window ____.a.grouped by category or by the order they show up on the screenb.grouped by category or sorted numericallyc.sorted alphabetically by name or grouped by sized.sorted alphabetically by name or grouped by category6.The ____ authorize is offered in an assignment (+)c.ampersand (&)b.equal (=)d.percent (%)7.Which of the following is the correct basic format for assigning a worth to a property?a.propertyworth = propertyname.objectnameb.propertyvalue = objectname.propertyc.propertyname.objectname = propertyvalued.objectname.residential property = propertyvalue8.The ____ feature displays all allowable entries you can make in a Visual Basic statement each time a dot, equal sign, or other distinct character required for the statement is typed.a.AutoCompletec.IntelliCompleteb.AutoSensed.IntelliSense9.When you form the word ____ complied with by a duration in the code editor, IntelliSense display screens a list of all the entries, consisting of all the objects that have the right to be mentioned in the statement.a.Mec.MyFormb.Myd.VB10.A(n) ____ is offered for denoting a comment statement.a.semi-colon (
c.apostrophe (‘)b.duration (.)d.comma (,)11.Comments are shown (by default) with ____.a.a green squiggly textd.a blue squiggly line12.The ____ presettle is offered for a Menu object.a.menuc.mstb.mnsd.mnu13.The ____ character is supplied to show that a letter is a warm key on a menu item.a.ampersand (&)c.earlier slash ()b.forward slash (/)d.underscore (_)14.The warm essential for a food selection item deserve to be caused with the keyboard by pushing the ____ vital and the warm crucial at the exact same time.a.ALTc.CTRLb.SHIFTd.TAB15.The ____ object gives a message box that asks the user for input and gives an input location.a.labelc.textboxb.menud.Radio button16.Which line of code will include the value “East” to a ListBox object named lstDirections?a.lstDirections.Add(“East”)c.lstDirect ions.AddValue(“East”)b.lstDirections.Items.Add(“East”)d.lst Directions.Items.AddValue(“East”)17.To rerelocate all objects from a ListBox object, the ____ strategy is supplied.a.Clearc.Emptyb.Items.Cleard.Items.Empty18.The ____ building of a ListBox object identifies which item in the ListBox was selected.a.Itemc.Selectedb.ItemSelectedd.SelectedItem19.The compound operator ____ adds the value of the ideal operand to the worth of the left operand and also stores the result in the left operand’s variable.a.++c.=+b.+=d.==20.The compound operator ____ is provided to include a string to an existing string.a.&=c.&&b.=&d.==21.The ____ follows the keyword For in a For...Next loop.a.keyword Nextc.keyword Tob.keyword Stepd.a manage variable name22.A For...Next loop through a beginning value of 1, an ending value of 25, and a step worth of 3 will certainly execute ____ times.a.3c.9b.8d.2523.How many type of times will the adhering to loop execute? For intCount = 10 To 16 Step 2‘Body of LoopNexta.3c.6b.4d.724.How many type of times will the complying with loop execute?For intCount = 10 To 1 Step -2‘Body of loopNexta.4c.9b.5d.1025.What will be the worth of the variable intTotalCount as soon as the complying with code is executed?For intOuterCount = 1 to 5For intInnerCount = 1 to 4intTotalCount +=1NextNexta.4c.9b.5d.20