What you wear after your spray tan does matter. Sometimes this action is missed and can make all the difference in the outcome of your spray tan. You invested the moment in preparing your skin and invested money in booking your appointment, this last step before you rinse can make all the difference. You deserve to wear anypoint to your spray tan appointment, possibly you’re coming right from job-related or were out running errands. What you put on after your spray tan have to be loose so that it won’t produce marks on your body while your tan is emerging. You will certainly desire to make certain to have the right footwear, a loosened residence shoe or sandal is perfect so that your feet are mark complimentary too. It’s constantly finest to wear dark-colored garments bereason the bronzer in the spray tan will rub off onto your apparel however will wash out. At Spray Lounge we constantly recommfinish lengthy loose pants and also a long-sleeved shirt, we are mindful that we perform live in Florida and occasionally that is simply not feasible for everyone but here are some of our favorite brands and items that help keep our priceless spray tans defended.

Our Rapid Spray cuts down on the time that you will be in your spray tan while it is occurring. Our Classic Spray is mostly for overnight development so you have the right to sleep while your tan establishes and wake approximately rinse in the morning.

Here are some of our favorite wearable choices for after your spray tan:

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Still have actually errands to run and also civilization to view after your spray tan? Skin Worldwide has actually all the options for sleepwear, daywear, and also loungewear. The Neha Crop Top $78 and the Nola Pant $105 are perfect pieces if you have actually somewbelow to be or people to view after your spray tan.


Desmond & Dempsey has actually the cutest prints and also multipractical pieces! The Long Pyjamas Set $197.18, these pajamas are tailored, yes tailored pajamas?! We suddenly require a pair ASAP for bedtime or loungewear throughout the day.


The IDGAF after your spray tan or I could be wearing a robe or a tuxeexecute wrap dress? This super cute robe from Eberjey, the Gisele Tuxeperform Robe $98 is good for leaving our studio and going right residence.


How cute are these furry slippers, these Sunday Forever Fluffy Feet Slippers $42 are a perfect fit to slip your feet right into ideal after your spray tan. These slippers won’t develop any marks on your feet and also are super comfortable. Sunday Forever before also has actually the the majority of amazing Kimonos to keep you chic ideal after your spray tan if you have to be on the seek your appointment.

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