Thousands of students are now sitting exams and also submitting assignments. What have to you perform if the university accprovides you of scholastic misconduct?


Couple of experiences are even more terrifying for students than receiving a formal letter from the university alleging ‘academic misconduct’ or, in layman’s terms, cheating. This can variety from possessing notes in an exam to asking someone else to create an assignment for you. The consequences have the right to be dramatic and also, for vocational courses prefer medication and legislation, career-ending. So what must you execute if you receive the dreaded letter?

Here are some tips from my endure as a barrister that has actually protected numerous students accused of cheating.

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1. Don’t panic

When you check out the letter, you will be distraught and also will certainly desire to act immediately. You will certainly be tempted to send e-mails to your tutor or other members of the university staff. If guilty, you can want to confess directly ameans. If innocent, you may plan to create an outraged e-mail claiming your innocence.

Do not succumb to the temptation. Remember the saying favoured by astronauts: ‘tbelow is no case so poor that you can’t make it worse’. Hasty e-mails sent in a state of high emovement deserve to make the situation far worse.

Any document — and that consists of e-mails and also social media short articles — have the right to be offered as proof later in the procedure. You should recognize your defence strategy before sending any type of e-mails to university staff or posting anything on social media.

Pause and also gather as much information as you have the right to around the allegation. Imagine you have actually been accused of ‘self-plagiarism’ (i.e., copying your very own previous work) in an assignment. You should discover out the regulations for scholastic misconduct and also ask the university for the Turnitin report if tright here is one, the previous work-related allegedly replicated, the accuser’s created report, and any various other relevant papers. Generally, you are legally entitled to them.

2. Seek help

Once you have actually reflected on the allegation and also collated the papers, seek help either from the Student Union or if you can afford it a lawyer through specialization in better education and learning. Bring all the files with you. Cases have the right to be won and also shed on a single information so the adviser have to be in possession of all the relevant indevelopment.

Make sure you look for assist before contacting anyone from the university. You should be clear around your defence strategy initially. Otherwise, you could inadvertently undermine your instance.

3. Think evidence

Your adviser and you have to think around what evidence can aid your instance. This can be witness statements but additionally CCTV proof if you are accsupplied of cheating in an exam hall or even a forensic linguistics report if accoffered of buying an essay.

When making a contention, ask yourself “exactly how have the right to I prove that?”. This must help you find any kind of supportive evidence.

4. Think tactics

If accprovided of scholastic misconduct, you can either be guilty or not guilty. Sometimes it is obvious in which category you fall. If you passist someone to create your whole essay, you are guilty of commissioning an essay. If guilt is obvious, the usual strategy is to emphasis on mitigation to minimise the severity of the sanction.

But what if you paid someone to proof-check out it? What if the student accprovided of self-plagiarism duplicated simply 3 lines from a previous essay? What if a student was found through a phone in his pocket at the start of an exam and the phone was off? Are they guilty? The answer is ‘it depends’ and the adviser have to aid you recognize whether to plead guilty or fight for innocence. This forms a main part of your strategy.

5. Write your statement

Virtually all establishments enable students accused of academic misconduct to produce a statement putting their side of the story.

As a rule of thumb, you need to write a statement. A well-written, persuasive and in-depth statement deserve to take the sting out of potential attacks at the hearing.

Many prevalent errors are statements through bit emphasis on the key worries, ignoring weak points, with excessive emovement (“My totality future will certainly be destroyed!”, “I beg you to give me another chance!”) and riddled with bad spelling and also grammar. Tbelow requirements to be a logical framework and a compelling argument sustained by evidence.

As a good statement have the right to bring around a sceptical panel and also a bad one have the right to make points worse, you have to spend hours on the document. It may be the the majority of important thing you’ll ever create. Ask your adviser for help via drafting.

6. Prepare for interview/hearing

If invited to a hearing, prepare thoabout for it. Bring all the papers so you have the right to refer to them if important.

You should know your strategy by now. Prepare what you desire to say. Anticipate most likely concerns and also rehearse answers. A excellent motto is ‘hope for the ideal yet prepare for the worst’. Imagine a hostile panel, firing repeated rounds of barbed concerns.

7. Hearing

Do not go to the hearing alone. Bring someone via you. Even if that perkid is not allowed to sheight, or not gifted in the art of advocacy, he or she deserve to take note of the proceedings (necessary in case of disagreement about what was said or a later on appeal) and their visibility alone will be advantageous.

It will be intimidating. In my last hearing, there were 30 academics, in complete gowns, approximately an huge table; how students are expected to handle such pressure is an enigma. However before, thounstable preparation and a trusted perkid accompanying you will certainly calm your nerves.

Unmuch less stood for, you should prepare an opening speech and a shorter cshedding speech. Listen extremely closely to any kind of inquiries asked, not least bereason concerns market hints as to what the panel member is thinking, and also answer them straight.

Dress smartly and be courteous constantly.


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Consider appeal

If discovered guilty as soon as you think you are innocent or offered a penalty that you consider disproportionate, think about an appeal. Aacquire, seek advice from an adviser promptly.

Barrister Dr Daniel Sokol is a former university lecturer and Founder of Alpha Academic Appeals