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This experiment will discover whether music of various varieties affects the growth of bacteria.

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Research Questions

•Does music alter the growth of bacteria?

•Do different kinds of music make the bacteria prosper differently?


Although bacteria lack the capacity to hear, they are very perceptive to alters in vibration. Physically speaking, music is fundamentally various changes in vibration. This experiment could aid number out better methods to procedure sewer and also various other necessary microbe-assisted duties.


•2 or more ready Petri dishes via agar (obtainable from organic supply companies)

•Steriliz ed swabs

•Rubber or plastic gloves

•2 or even more portable CD or MP3 players

•Several pairs of cheap headphones, NOT earbuds (very same number as music players) You will want to throwthem ameans after the experiment.

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•Several songs or albums of various music, the more varied the better (such as timeless, difficult rock, anddance)


•Notepad and also paper



1. Wearing gloves, prepare the Petri dishes. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, take them out of the refrigerator for about an hour prior to conducting the experiment.

2. Using the steriliz ed swabs, collect bacterial samples while wearing gloves. Good locations to nab some bacteria encompass faucets or any kind of various other location that is touched by most world. Ensure that you swab from the very same location to obtain about the same amount and also kind of bacteria. Swipe the swab versus the agar in the Petri dish and then close and seal the dish. Label each sample.

3. Place the samples in a heat, out of the method area. Leave one sample alone, this is the manage.

4 . For the other samples, place the headphones snugly around the dish.

5. Connect the headphones to the music players. Play a various song or album on repeat on each player.

6. Let the samples flourish for a week. Make certain to store the music players charged and playing at all times. Take pictures of the occurring bacteria day-to-day.

7. Take off the headphones and compare each sample. Take note of the amount of swarms in each sample and also meacertain the siz e of each swarm.

8. Carefully dispose of the Petri dishes.

9. Analyz e this data. Did the music have actually an affect on the siz e or amount of bacteria colonies? Did a particular genre of music have actually a higher influence than others?


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