Both Pillar and Obelisk are physical frameworks that are cylindrical from standing upappropriate to support a structure above terms such as a building or horizontal beam. Although pillar and column have actually common architectural components, they both have the right to be used in various conmessages.

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Column vs Column

The difference in between Shaft and also Column is the way they are provided in a structure. A pillar is supplied by the basic public and also in literature. The column is provided by engineers and technical peoples.


A pillar is a vast solid structure, generally cylindrical, standing upappropriate to support another bigger framework such as a monument or building. It can be a standalone framework as a decorative piece but in a broader sense, it is designed to withstand weight prefer a building roof as a supportive structural facet.

The column is a certain kind of pillar that has superior load-bearing capacity. It have the right to be a vertically aligned cell in a table or chart. They are often provided to specify specific featured sections in newsdocuments or magazines.

Compariboy Table Between Shaft and also Column

Parameter of ComparisonPillarColumnDefinition Pillars are a solid upappropriate framework that supports a bigger architectural framework.The column is a particular kind of pillar that arises from the base and also rests on the structure.FeaturePillar is a standing facet that is tall typically built out of bricks or stones.The column is frequently used in architectural or engineering frameworks generally made of masonry or steel.PurposeIt deserve to also be supplied as decorative aspects.It can be provided as a standalone structure.NomenclatureA pillar have the right to be a column.The column cannot be a pillar.UsesA pillar can mainly be offered as an architectural conmessage as both structural or decorative elements.The column deserve to be offered in various conmessages such as a collection of vertically arranged cells in a table or chart or as a featured section in newspapers or magazines.

What is a Pillar?

A-Pillar is a tall vertical cylindrical structure of steels, stones, or lumber used as an ornament or support for a building or monuments. It is around shaped favor a column or tower. A pillar typically attributes as a stabilizing or load-bearing. Sometimes a pillar is likewise used as a standalone decorative element.A pillar is a critical part of anything which is a lot bigger in size, typically created out of masonries such as bricks, concrete, or stones.

In Egypt, the pillar was first introduced through the experiments in enlarging spanned structure. Their pillar was initially used as assistance for roofing in their millennium b.c.e. As an outcome of which, the pillar served not just as an ornament of the building yet also as a assistance for the bigger monuments. These began to be offered in the middle of the second-millennium b.c.e, in Mesopotamia.By the spelling of the pillar itself, there are two pillars appropriate in the middle of the word that holds the entirety word upright. Thus, from the word and its spelling itself it is crystal clear that a pillar is intended to support a framework. Sometimes they are referred to as pedestal, assistance, tower, pr shaft. But according to the English consumption pillar is argued as the best-suited word once it pertains to its offers.

What is a Column?

The column have the right to be described as a vertical series of cells in a spreadsheet, table, or chart. It is likewise designed to carry flexural or axial loads combicountry. According to any type of civil engineering, it is a compression member that is slender compared to its length under slowly enhancing pack.Sometimes it is likewise a decorative pillar most regularly consisted of of rock typically having a polygonal or cylindrical shaft with a base. Some human being think it to be a continual attribute or series of articles in a magazine, newspaper which commonly has actually identifiable headings. This attribute reports on comments upon a specific area of interest such as risks, legislation, politics, etc.

The history of the column is traced ago to the Iron Age Civilization of the Mediterranean. In 1224 BC, columns are famously present in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak where 134 columns are lined up in sixteen rows via far-reaching heights of 24 meters. This column witnesses its beginning to the fifth dynasty written of Lotus stems attracted together into bundles decorated via bands.

Key Difference Between Shaft and Column

Pillars are a solid upright framework that supports a bigger architectural framework. On the other hand, the column is a details form of pillar that arises from the base and also rests on the structure.Column is a standing element that is tall normally created out of bricks or stones. As versus, the column is regularly offered in architectural or design structures generally made of masonry or steel.A pillar is have the right to also be provided as decorative elements. And, the column can be supplied as a standalone framework.A pillar have the right to be a column. But, The column cannot be a pillar.A pillar have the right to mainly be provided as an architectural context as both structural or decorative aspects. On the various other hand, the column deserve to be supplied in different conmessages such as a collection of vertically aligned cells in a table or chart or as a featured section in newspapers or magazines.


Both pillar and column are provided in architectural context interchangeably to defined as a vertical standing framework which is tall vertical and solid upright designed. However before, the column is a term that can be applied in many different conmessages such as a collection of cells in a chart or a featured section in the newspaper.

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Being pillar and also column synonymous terms in the English language still, they differ in various conmessage. One might think of a pillar as an architectural structure choose a column, and others as a decorative facet. Thus, Both are practically the exact same via a few exceptions in terms of functionality.