Physics Recheck out QuestionUnit: Mechanics Year: 1991 Question#: 13Question: What is the crucial characteristic of a things at equilibrium.(1 ) Zero velocity(2 ) zero acceleration(3 ) zero potential energy(4 ) zero kinetic energyWhat is this question really asking? Explacountry by: Jarrett sk< Rerotate to question menu > Answer 1 Zero velocityINCORRECTAn object have the right to be at equilibrium and also have actually a velocity. Remember Fnet = 0 once something is at equilibrium.go back to top Answer 2zero accelerationCORRECT An object at equilibrium cannot be increasing or decelerateing. It have to be relocating at a consistent velocity. Remember Fnet = 0 when something is at equilibrium.go back to top Answer 3 zero potential power INCORRECTAn object at equilibrium deserve to have potential power. An example would certainly be a marble relocating at equilibrium on a table. The marble has PE to loss downward.

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Remember Fnet = 0 when something is at equilibrium.return to top Answer 4 zero kinetic power INCORRECTAn object can have KE (be in motion) and also be at equilibrium. Remember Fnet = 0 as soon as somepoint is at equilibrium.go back to top What"s this question really asking?This question is asking about the proprties of an item at equilibrium.go back to height



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