“The Kill” was the second single released from 30 Seconds to Mars' second album, A Beautiful Lie.The Jared Leto directed music video (under his Dr Seuss motivated pseudonym… Read More 

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What if I wanted to break?Laugh it all off in your faceWhat would you do? (Woah)What if I dropped to the floor?Couldn't take this anymoreWhat would you perform, carry out, do?Come break me downBury me, bury meI am finished with youWhat if I wanted to fightBeg for the rest of my lifeWhat would certainly you perform, do, do?You say you wanted moreWhat are you waiting for?I'm not running from you, from youCome break me downBury me, bury meI am finiburned through youLook in my eyesYou're killin' me, killin' meAll I wanted was you
I tried to be someone else, however nothin' appeared to changeI know now, this is that I really am insideFinally found myself, fighting for a chanceI recognize currently, this is that I really amOh-oh, oh-ohOh-oh, oh-ohOh-oh, oh-ohCome break me downBury me, bury meI am finiburned via you, you, youLook in my eyesYou're killin' me, killin' meAll I wanted was youCome, break me dvery own, break me down, break me down(You say you wanted more) What if I wanted to break?(What are you waiting for?)(I'm not running from you) What if I, what if I, what if I, what if IBury me, bury me
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“The Kill” was the second single released from 30 Seconds to Mars" second album, A Beautiful Lie.

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The Jared Leto directed music video (under his Dr Seuss influenced pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins) was inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie “The Shining”. It was voted “The Greatest Rock Video” by Kerrang viewers in 2009.


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What have actually the artists sassist around the song?
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“The Kill” is a song that most civilization would look at and also think it’s about a relationship through somebody else, however it’s really around a connection with yourself. It’s about confronting your fear and confronting the reality about who you are.

The interesting thing around this song was the truth that it was in ¾, it was in a timeless waltz, a little little bit quick of a tempo, yet that’s what was interesting around it as well is the truth that we were able to perform somepoint classical and that tied some elements together.

Matt Wachter:

The theme of the song has a lot to do with confronting yourself, shedding your mind.

— using Music video ‘Making-Of’

This is a song dubbed “The Kill”. But don’t be scared, it’s a nice song. About losing your mind.

— through MTV

What have the artists shelp about the music video?
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Jared Leto:

I think the method really was that it was never for me to three and a half minute commercial for the song, it was really just how perform we check out this song in visual terms? How do we take this auditory suffer and turn it right into something wright here the imeras lug the song to a new location.

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Shannon Leto:

When civilization see the video, tright here will be little bits and also pieces of fact involved.

— through Music video ‘Making-Of’


A Beautiful Lie (2005)
Thirty Seconds to Mars
The Kill
Written By
Jared Leto
Video Director
Jared Leto
Shannon Leto
Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Miličević & Matt Wachter
Mastering Engineer
Brian Gardner
Recording Engineer
Ryan Williams (Producer), Brandon Belskies & Brian Virtue
Jared Leto & Tomo Miličević
Shannon Leto
Matt Wachter
Mixing Engineer
Ryan Williams (Producer) & Femio Hernandez
Virgin Records
Matt Serletic
Matt Wachter & Tomo Miličević
Jared Leto
Release Date
August 30, 2005
Interpolated By
Ohio Is for Emo Kids by Canadian Softball
Cover By
The Kill by CrazyEightyEight, The Kill by Envoi, The Kill by Becko, THE KILL (BURY ME) (Paw Patrol: The Movie) by Zachy BeanPole & The Kill by Crashing Atlas
Recombined By
The Kill (Acoustic) by Thirty Seconds to Mars (Ft. Pitty) & The Kill (Rebirth) by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Perdeveloped Live As
The Kill - Live by Thirty Seconds to Mars
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