June 17, 2013— -- Against all clinical odds, a 20-year-old man endured a fall from a 15-story apartment structure in New Zealand, after attempting to get into his locked apartment from a balcony over.

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An American emergency room physician sassist the opportunities of living with a fall from that height are about 1 in 100.

The guy, established by the New Zealand also Herald as Tom Stilwell, a British man in Auckland on a "functioning holiday," returned house after a night out via friends and found he did not have actually a key to gain right into his locked apartment. Stilwell tried to jump down to his balcony from the balcony of the apartment over, however instead plummeted to the roof of a structure below.

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Stilwell"s story astounded his physicians in New Zealand and in the USA.

"It made me wonder what the roof looked favor that he dropped on," sassist Dr. Nicholas Kguy, associate professor of emergency medicine at The Ohio State College Medical Center.

"It"s pretty abnormal for someone to autumn that much and survive," Kguy shelp. "For eincredibly fall like that, the odds of living are incredibly rare."

Doctors usage a formula called "lethal doses" to determine the likelihood of fatality in a autumn. At 4 stories, or about 48 feet above the ground, fifty percent will certainly endure. But at seven stories or 84 feet, just 10 percent are intended to live -- that is, 90 percent will die, according to Kman.

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According to neighborhood reports, Stilwell fell 13 stories. At initially, he was in important problem at Auckland City Hospital, yet was later on upgraded to satisfactory via neck and also asoimg.org fractures, a broken wrist and suspected inner injuries.

soimg.org.com reached out to the hospital, yet its public affairs office was closed because of the moment zone difference.

Stilwell"s upstairs neighbor, Geraldine Bautista, 28, told the Herald that he knocked on her door on the 15th floor of the Volt Apartment building at about 2 a.m., asking if he could jump off her balcony onto his to acquire into his own apartment.

According to the Herald, he went directly to the balcony and Bautista soimg.orgt hold of his hand, but he dropped.

"It occurred so quick," she told the newspaper. "It occurred within seconds. I couldn"t even scream for help. He was choose a paper falling from here."

Friends sassist that Stilwell had actually "a fair little bit to drink" prior to the incident, according to the Herald.

Doctors say that although there is no evidence that alcohol softens the blow to the body, they have heard that anecdotally around car accident victims.

"There is no scientific research behind that," Kman sassist. "Most physicians are reluctant to say it happens. But in my suffer in trauma, it does seem to be somepoint that happens. But that is not likely from a fall."

A person"s age, the height of the fall, the nature of the surconfront hit and also the body part that first touches the ground are all factors in the severity of the injuries and also the prognosis for recoextremely.

"If you fall out of a tree and hit a bunch of branches, it might sluggish the loss," he said. "Landing on grass is better than cement."

Head injuries have the lowest survival price, according to Kman.

Other dangerous injuries take place as soon as a person lands feet initially.

"The heel hits and also transmits the force up the earlier," he said. "When someone jumps off a parking garage or structure they break their heel bones and then the reduced spine. When they break the feet, we constantly X-ray the asoimg.org, because that"s a widespread injury."

Sometimes, paralysis have the right to occur if tbelow is a spinal cord injury.

Emergency room physicians view the majority of autumn victims during the summer months, and also they are typically home window cleaners functioning on scaffolding and also roofers.

Falls are a lot of widespread among the elderly, the second cause of unintfinished death for trauma behind motor automobile accidents, according to Kmale.

"Young healthy and balanced youngsters have much better outcomes than the elderly," he sassist.

In the pet world, cats fare much better than humans.

Last year, Sugar the cat, dropped out of a 19-story apartment building in Boston and endured, more than likely because she came down on a pile of mulch. The regional pet rescue league reported that after the loss, the cat ran asoimg.org into the apartment building.

The factor, say veterinary researchers is that cats have a larger surchallenge area for their weight as they autumn via legs extended, which offers them a lower terminal velocity -- around 60 mph, compared to an average-sized male at about 120 mph. When cats hit the ground, they have fewer injuries.

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In physics, terminal velocity is the constant speed attained by a body while falling through a gas or liquid.

"Terminal velocity is somepoint that plays into this," Kman sassist. "But human being are not expected to autumn off three-story structures. And I have a feeling that you reach some allude prior to 15 floors."