Dyeing red hair purple or violet is completely feasible, and also in fact, you have the right to execute it at residence.

Like I constantly say, coloring procedures take time and also patience. If you don’t have actually either of those, I would recommfinish going to a professional.

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You will certainly spfinish some money, however the results will certainly be worth eextremely dollar you invest.

Now, whether you decide to dye your hair at home or the salon, the process will certainly be even more or less the same.

Maybe the product brands you use will adjust a little bit, but in basic terms, first, you will need to bleach the hair to get rid of the red, and then you’ll use the purple that you choose. That’s whatever in summary.

Of course, tbelow are a few crucial middle actions.

So, this day I desire to help you readjust the shade of your hair.

First, I will assist you pick the best purple or violet tone for your hair. I will then tell you just how to eliminate the red you have currently to replace it through the brand-new shade you have actually liked.

What purple tone to choose


If you are going from a reddish tone, it’s important to recognize that these colors have the majority of pigmentation.

A burgundy red (4.46) is not the exact same as a light red (4.6) or a pure fantasy red.

We already have a red base, which is great bereason violet is comprised of blue and also red.

Keeping in mind that purple is a 4.9 tone, we will only need to use the dye.

If your skin is darker, you have to opt for a 4.9 Violet or a deep purple 3.9 that looks great via darker skin, making your eyes and also lips pop. If your skin is lighter, you can choose a fantasy lilac (you should bleach your hair first); these dyes have the right to be bought in pharmacies or hair salon stores or a lighter Violet 5.9 or 6.9.


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How to bleach your hair and also apply the new color


Bleaching is just important if you pick a light lilac or intense violet shade so that there are no indications of the red left behind.

You must keep in mind that all bleaching geneprices damage to your hair; intense colors have actually many pigmentation, so via bleaching them, you need to be calm and have actually time.