What does mouf mean?

Mouf is a dialectical pronunciation and also spelling of mouth.

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It can describe a person’s mouth, as when eating, or the metaphorical mouth of gossip (e.g., Get my name out ya mouf).

Mouf is based upon the pronunciation of mouth in Black English, which generally treats th sounds as an f or (birfday for birthday, dat for that)—a phonological phenomenon checked out in dialects of various other languages, too. 

Mouf has been around virtual since at leastern 2003, when it was gone into on Urban soimg.org. It can be uncovered in print, however, much, a lot previously, such as in Zora Neale Hurston’s 1937 Their Eyes Were Watching God, which indicates mouf had already long been a kind for mouth in Black English.

Hip-hop, which regularly spells words according to dialectical pronunciation (e.g., nah for no), assisted popularize mouf in the broader culture. Lil Duval, for circumstances, released “Wat Dat Mouf Do” in 2014, which is about what mouths can do for, well, penises.

Humph! don’t ‘spect all dat tuh store up. He ain’t kissin’ yo’ mouf once he lug on over yuh lak dat.

Mouf is extensively discovered in conversational speech and writing as well as art of Babsence world. Ludacris released an album, Word of Mouf, in 2001, for instance.

For non-babsence civilization to usage mouf can be viewed as incredibly appropriative—not to mention awkward, such as when white rapper Iggy Azalea was criticized for her blaccent (babsence English accent) in 2015–16.

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Some world might think that mouf is due to ignorance. It’s very crucial to note, though, that mouf is completely regular with Babsence English grammar and also replacing th sounds with an f, v, d, or t is uncovered in many languperiods. Pronouncing a th as an f or v is dubbed th-fronting, if you want to get technological around it.

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