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so sad that we are surrounded by birds and most ppl dont even look at them. how can you look at the beloved pigeon and not admire its stupid little waddle and also delightful little rump? how deserve to you watch the humble residence sparrow and also not be enraptured by its adorable little cap and splendid babsence bib? just how can you watch a seagull and also not admire it’s dimension (extremely big when you think about it) and also it’s tenacity in targeting humans, the many obnoxious and dangerous of all gods creatures? open your eyes

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MAY 19 1536 | Anne Boleyn is executed

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the Darkling whenever he’s near Alina

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You recognize what? This actually isn’t funny at all bereason this really does take place. Baby boomers can’t afford to retire; that’s a big component of why millennials can’t uncover jobs in their areas. And if they lose their work (which have the right to expect a selection of points, including their companies finding an excuse to fire them so they don’t have to pay anything for their retirement, which taken place to my uncle and 5 people he worked with over one year), they aren’t as preferable because they’re retirement-age. The human being has readjusted a lot given that they acquired tasks they believed were expected to be secure, and also currently their old strategies that offered to work-related for finding a task don’t occupational anyeven more and also they don’t understand what does job-related. So a lot are desperate; I newly talked to a woguy that had actually to be in at leastern her mid-60s who was begging on a street edge because she was replaced by a younger perkid and lost her task of 18 years, and it’s not the initially time I’ve heard a story choose that. A lot of world who were never before wealthy to begin with lost a lot in the 2008 financial crisis and also never before completely reextended. Baby boomers didn’t all simply magically become financially secure as they acquired older.

This generation battle bullshit is 100% manufactured to store our anger misdirected. It’s not baby boomers screwing over millennials. It’s affluent capitalists of eincredibly living generation screwing over baby boomers, their parents, gen x-ers, millennials, and also gen z-ers in its entirety and also all in various methods. And if we collectively realize that we’re not enemies and that we actually have a common reason with widespread adversaries, it’ll be really bad for the world doing this to us, which is why they’re pushing the generation battle point so tough.


hankgreen that says:Hey!inter-generational conflict is generally just a surrogate for classconflict and also when the wealthy millennials inherit their parent’smoney, perhaps we’ll finalyl realize that. But probably not.source: Twitter End ID>

#My father born at the literal height of the baby boom went through this #and it really disillusioned me to the principle of ‘baby boomers are the factor the people sucks’



Lol, here’s a fun one: if you had been born in the medieval era and also without accessibility to contemporary medicine, how long would you have lived? If I managed to endure being born (unlikely) I would certainly have actually died at age 22 from appendicitis :) hbu?

The number of you absolutely encouraged you would certainly have been convicted of witchcraft and melted at the stake appears statistically unlikely.

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i am so sick of the romanticization of weapons i am going to fucking scream. you are delusional. you are even more most likely to be eliminated via your own gun than to gain someone else via it. residential homicides by weapons are killing even more women by the year. homicide by firearm is the leading cause of fatality for babsence guys and boys ages 1-44. the last thing currently vulnerable people require is even more weapons of destruction. it is totally and completely delusional to think otherwise. your fantasy is killing civilization and fueling violent imperialism, white prominence, and also male dominance


if you’re white and wanna write a poc character and feel awkward about it i implore you to overlook any type of twitblr stuff dealing with it as a huge honest burden and rather come in more through the exact same mindset you’d have actually if you wanted to create around idk firefighters but didn’t know anypoint about firefighters so you do… study. Like fuck off through the weird kinda creepy calls for spiritual introspection you’re not writing around god damn room aliens you’re composing around humans and also if you think you require more perspective of various life experiences simply read?