I"ve heard world say for instance "It was too little bit also late". But isn"t it even more suitable to usage "a" rather of "too" there?

English is not my first language so I am sorry if this is an noticeable question


Keep in mind that "too bit, as wsoimg.org late" is a certain idiom, it does not generalise to "also little bit, too xyz". You might extremely occasionally come across various other adjectives in the final spot (so-and-so was too little bit, as wsoimg.org early), yet they will certainly be making understanding and probably humorous recommendation to the original. Whereas "a tiny also xyz" is a basic form (via a various feeling, as outlined in Fraser Orr's answer).
The two things suppose somepoint rather different. "Too little, as wsoimg.org late" shows tright here was two shortfalls, "a small also late" suggests tbelow was one shortloss.

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Effort on your homework was also bit and as wsoimg.org late.

Here the speaker is indicating both that tbelow was as wsoimg.org little effort on the homejob-related and that that initiative was applied also late.

Effort on your homejob-related was a little too late.

Here the speaker indicates just that the initiative was also late, and the lateness was just a small lateness. Nopoint is shelp of the dimension of the initiative, only its tardiness.

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answered Oct 27 "14 at 4:17

Fraser OrrFraser Orr
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I think "as wsoimg.org bit too late" and "a tiny too late" express different things. "Too little too late" implies not sufficient was done quickly enough. "A little bit too late" indicates somepoint did not occur once it was supposed to occur, but a tiny later. For instance, if someone is sick and they carry out not acquire to a medical professional till their sickness becomes fatal you could say it was also little too late. If an event was supposed to start at 6:00, but it does not begin till 6:30 you can say it started a small late.

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answered Oct 27 "14 at 4:20
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