A large decorative candleholder through numerous arms or branches, or a similarly shaped electrical light fixture: The beautiful silver candelabrum sat on Jim"s shelf and also was just taken down to be offered for extremely distinct occasions.

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A recommendation to honesty, frankness, and also unbiased statements: Mary chose to let Paul understand that her candid feelings through him did not involve loving him; yet, she did like him.
1. Characterized by openness and sincerity of expression; unreservedly straightforward: In private, Shirley gave her company group a candid opinion around what to intend economically later.2. Related to honesty and unbiased opinions, also as soon as the truth is not pleasant to hear: Mary decided to provide her candid statement to Paul and so she told him that she chosen him, yet she was not in love with him.
Someone that is being considered, nominated, or striving for a particular position, office, prize, or honor: Harry chose to announce his candidacy for a seat in the Senate also though he has previously strived for other political candidacies.
1. A perkid who looks for to run for a political office: The conservative candiday promised to remove high taxes while the liberal candiday sassist he would strive to remove unemployment.2. Etymology: from Latin candidus, "white" and also candidatus, "clothed in white" from the white togas, which were long, shining, white cloaks that were worn by Romans who were seeking political workplaces.Although the word candidate refers to the purity of "white" there are also many type of who are or that become corruptedWhen a man ran for public office in ancient Rome, he obtained a toga which was a lengthy, shining, white cloak.With this "shining white" outfit, the candidate stood out in a crowd and also the human being could have thought about him to be associated with purity and goodness bereason of the symbolism of the garment.
—Compiled from indevelopment situated inWords Come in Families by Edward Horowitz, Ph.D.;Hart Publishing Company kind of, Inc.; New York; 1977; pages 28-30.
A candiday for a public office in Roguy times.The term candidate is acquired from a perkid that was a candidatus, "clothed in white", which was symbolical of the intended purity of the perchild.
1. A molded item of wax, tenable, or other fatty substance, generally cylindrical in form, encasing a wick that is shed to carry out light: Before the days of gas and power, candles were the main sources of light at night.2. A unit of luminous intensity, characterized as a portion of the luminous intensity of a group of 45 carbon-filament lamps; provided from 1909 to 1948 as the global typical. 3. Etymology: from Ole English candel, at an early stage church-word borrowing from Latin candela, "a light, a torch"; from candere, "to shine". Candles were unknown in prehistoric Greece wbelow oil lamps were offered, yet they were widespread from early times among Romans and Etruscans.
The state of being sincere and also hocolony in speech or expushing oneself: Alice admired Jim"s candor when he was talking about what went wrong via his first marital relationship.
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