First of all what is the distinction between Evangelizing vs Proselytizing?IMO (incredibly short):1) Evangelizing is being enthusiastic about somepoint and sharing it via others, who eagerly desire to hear2) Proselytizing is evangelizing, however thinking/speaking/acting arrogantly, as if you understand best (likewise for others)
I answered prior to reading your definition.I'm not sure your meaning is fairly correct.Definition of proselytizeintransitive verb1: to induce someone to convert to one's faith2: to recruit someone to join one's party, school, or causeMerriam-WebsterI agree that one shouldn't be arrogant... yet I'm not certain that is applicable in the meaning.

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Indeed, I would certainly agree, that tbelow is a line that shouldn't be crossed:Many type of times Jesus shelp "Come to me..."; as in "thirsty, hungry, burdened" and so on.. "Come to me" denotes cost-free will certainly and also not being required. One can be thirsty however not wanting to "pertained to Jesus". At the exact same time Jesus shelp (paraphrased), "Don't prevent the children from coming to me..." which additionally denotes a cost-free will and also speak against those that say "Don't proselytize or evangelize" IMO
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Neither am I. I simply kicked it off. Curious how others feel around both Evangelizing and also Proselytizing, and also if they view a clear distinction. I did not.I came across this today, where the Pope explains a little about this:Proselytism is the strongest venom against the route of ecumenism - Pope Francis, Oct. 13, 2016The Holy Father isn't discouraging evangelization. He's discouraging proselytization.
"Does that mean we have to all go door to door, handing out tracts and also pamphlets on street corners, proclaiming fiery speeches and haranguing our neighbors?"I would certainly agree through the Pope but I would organize to the place of "that is not proselytizing" - that is harrasment--although pamphallows would be OK via me.
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Let’s see:John 6:44. No one can pertained to me unmuch less the Father that sent out me draws him. And I will certainly raise him up on the last day. The Father draws him, NOT the proselytizer.John 14:6. Jesus shelp to him, "I am the way, and the reality, and the life. No one involves the Father other than with me.”NOT through the proselytizer.Ephesians 2:8. For by grace you have been conserved via faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,NOT your doing, NOT the proselytizer, but a gift of God.Isaiah 43:11. I, also I, am the LORD; and beside me tbelow is no saviour.NO other, the proselytizer will certainly not save you OR even aid you uncover the way.The only point the proselytizer deserve to do, is lead you to their religious beliefs, along with its falsities.
Are tbelow Holy bible proofs that Proselytism is wrong?First of all what is the distinction between Evangelizing vs Proselytizing?IMO (extremely short):1) Evangelizing is being enthusiastic around somepoint and sharing it through others, who eagerly want to hear2) Proselytizing is evangelizing, however thinking/speaking/acting arrogantly, as if you know best (additionally for others)Hypothetical:1) God is identified as: omniscient, omniexisting, omnipotent2) The Scriptures is the word of God and could be "perfect"Even if there are mistakes in the Scriptures, this 'omni'-God might adjust it, if He deems it crucial. All Bibles He might readjust within seconds. But God did not perform that, thus 2 options: No errors or God is fine through errors or...a) Tbelow are no errors? We have actually gone over this, no must carry out this below aobtain.b) Why would God permit errors (or inconsistencies)?c) Why tell in 1 location to Proselytize, and also in another don't?d) Would you go against God (if that's possible at all), once selecting one over the other (or pick both)?(If you believe tbelow are no errors, then you can reprimary silent. This OP is not around (dis)proving errors; just your opinion of the verse)Now coming earlier to the OP's title. I discovered some verse, that clearly indicates "Proselytism is wrong". Also a verse that show "Proselytizing is right". As a Christian you need to follow the Bible, so it appears you can pick. In this OP I decided to pick "perform not Proselytize". Those that pick the other one, aget, require not convince others that 'all' have to Proselytize. That would certainly be Proselytizing itself, which would likewise violate RF Rule#8. I am fine they believe that means, they might, however need not change.*) I am curious if others discovered verses that plainly tell us "Do not proselytize".*) This is not around "is this an error or not"*) This is more about "I found errors", what I execute now?*) Accepting Bible inconsistencies. Figure out, "why God permitted errors". Why if God is omniscient and so on.?*) IF I have a problem through inconsistencies, does this problem lies within myself, or not?*) If I have a problem through inconsistencies, exactly how I fix it?*) The solution "God does not exist in the initially place" is ruled out in the beginning: Hypothetical-1).

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a). Tright here are no errors in the Holy bible. It’s true, mistranslations are errors, but the word of God is without error. You can discover mistranslations (some done on objective because of an agenda). It’s not hard to execute. Also, after a while, you will not even be bothered by the errors in translation, because you will certainly understand what is correct. Jeremiah 31:33 “This is the covenant I will make via the world of Israel after that time," declares the LORD. "I will put my law in their minds and also compose it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will certainly be my civilization.” At that time, you will certainly likewise understand what is intended by “the human being of Israel”. b). Because tbelow are no errors, this becomes moot.c). Once one has actually a clear knowledge who (what) God really is, the Holy bible message becomes coherent. At that time, one sees the massive picture, and no longer requirements to cherry-pick choose verses to support their individual misguided views.d). I make eexceptionally effort NOT to go versus God.