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If a girl tells you that she is single and prepared to mingle, does mingle here expect that she is ready to “hook up”? ¹

1. That is, to have casual sex-related intercourse.

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In general, to "mingle" indicates to mix or incorporate. You could say, for instance, "The blue and also red marbles were mingled together", meaning they were blended.

It is common to talk of people mingling, definition that they are spfinishing time with others. E.g., "I"m going to go to Sally"s party and mingle with other people" or "He mingled through artists and also authors."

"Single and prepared to mingle" is a stock expression interpretation that a person is no much longer in a committed relationship to one various other perboy and so is now trying to find another companion. I believed it was pretty obsolete: I haven"t heard it in many years till currently.

It does not suggest that the perboy is interested in a one-night-stand also. The perboy MIGHT have actually that in mind, however the expression itself ssuggest shows a willingness to day.


It means that the girl is prepared to start trying to find potential partners aget. She is prepared to acquire back right into the dating scene and mingle with world she is attracted to.

One could suggest that her last break up left her reluctant to get back into the dating scene, and being "prepared to mingle" means she is over her mourning duration.

It does not necessarily intend she is prepared to hook up (i.e. have sexual intercourse).

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This interpretation functions for human being of any kind of sex, as well, not just girls.


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