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What does reactivity time do? And others

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What does reaction time do? And others
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I think in controls just how quickly you deserve to react to gaining crossed or the ability to pick off passes. Some men react to them sreduced ie: LeBron will jump out for a passing lane steal as quickly as I push X, but others seem to have actually a slight delay and also must be timed previously.
reaction time: how fast a player reacts to X event happening. as your regulated player i think its exactly how quick they respond to right stick lateral activity and also pass lane stealsswarm IQ: players general expertise of if this is an excellent swarm based off ratings/defense and so on -- IE nick young have to realistically be a 0 because he thinks eextremely swarm is a great shotintangibles: nobody knows besides 2k, they havent told us, but as far as i have the right to tell it is general basketsphere IQ
Does anyone at 2K actually understand though? Half of these stats read favor spaghetti code leftovers from fifty percent a decade ago. Are they pertinent as soon as a user is controlling a player? I imagine Shot-IQ, for instance, is only supplied in AI calculations etc so it"s probably just relevant if the player is managing Justice instead of himself. The very same is most likely true for reactivity time and also a large amount of other filler stats. Honestly the mechanism is rather obtuse for casual individuals and also most the stats are virtually incomprehensible as an outcome.

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