What Does PK Mean?

The abbreviation PK implies "Player Kill" and "Painkiller." Here is even more indevelopment about each of these abbreviations of PK, including examples of use.Player Kill"Player Kill" is a gaming term, which describes killing a character controlled by an additional player as opposed to a BOT (Robot Player), which is a player regulated by a computer. For example:Sam: How was the game?Jo: Rubbish! I gained so bored I started PKing my own side.Jack: I"m seriously going to PK Icemale today.Sandra: Good luck with that. I think he"s even more most likely to PK you, if history is any type of indicator.PainkillerThe abbreviation PK is likewise offered as a straightforward abbreviation of the words "Painkiller" or "Painkillers." For example:Toni: How was your date? Billie: Awful! He never before quit going on about how cool his dad is. When I got home I had such a headache I had actually to take a PK.

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Overview of Key Points

First Definition of PK

"Player Kill" is the many prevalent interpretation for PK on digital gaming forums.PK
Definition:Player Kill
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
Guessability:3: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults and also Teenagers

Second Definition of PK

"Painkiller" is one more common interpretation for PK.PK
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
Guessability:3: Guessable
Common Users:Adults and also Teenagers

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