Before beginning the book, we looked at some video clips from the 1950’s.Fahrenheit 451 was publiburned in 1953 – what was life favor then?The clips present that America in the 1950’s had actually a solid emphasis on suburban household life – citizens were supposed to work hard and spend their money on new household modern technology such as TVs, refrigerators and also ovens. America was associated in the Korean War (1950-1953) quickly after World War II, so world wanted to have a secure, safe life after all the conflict and also killing. Tright here was likewise a deep suspicion of the USSR and Communism, so Americans wanted to display they were great patriots that supported their country by putting their money earlier into the economic climate and following the rules and also expectations of the moment.As we relocate with the book, you must think about this context and the innovation of the time, and also exactly how it impacts Bradbury’s writing. It is a good concept to study the 50’s yourself, or watch the videos aobtain once you have read even more of the book.

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Ford vehicle advert (featuring a subcity housewife)

1950’s television

1950’s music

1950’s radio

Flight to New York

The Korean War

PART ONE The Hearth and also the SalamanderThe initially component of the novel is named after 2 points linked via fire.A hearth is a fireplace, traditionally the focal allude of a family’s living room, as displayed by the expression “home is wbelow the hearth is”.A salamander is an amphibian which comes in a variety of colours, though among the ideal recognized is the babsence and also yellow/orangefire salamander.


Salamanders have the right to regeneprice their tails and limbs if struck by a predator – the salamander runs away leaving its tail or leg in the predator’s mouth and grows a new one. Some salamanders likewise secrete poikid with their skin.Salamanders were thought to reason fires or be able to survive in fire. Read more right here. This mythical variation of the salamander regularly shows up in fantasy games, anime and also other media.


The salamander is just one of the symbols Montag has actually on his unidevelop (on the arm). On p.6 we learn that he also has a phoenix on his chest.


The phoenix was thought to die in flames and also be reborn from the ashes.What does Montag say on p.8 about ashes?

On page 4, Montag thinks around returning to the firehouse as a “minstrel man“, referring to entertainers who would paint their encounters babsence. Although this is not acceptable these days, don’t forget as soon as the book was written.


WORKSHEETSHere are the questions we have spanned in class. Once we have discussed them, I’ll put your ideas together here. This doesn’t suppose you don’t need to prepare your very own answers – the information will certainly only go up AFTER you’ve provided your principles.

Part I: The Hearth and also the Salamander

What carry out the “firemen” execute for a living?

They burn books.

In the opening scene, why are the publications compared to birds?

As the publications burn, they are flapping roughly in the warmth and also the pperiods are blowing approximately in the warm air. Consider why Bradbury is representing the publications as living things.

What perspective does Montag have towards his job? How does it make him feel?

Montag obviously enjoys his job – as he burns the publications his heart is pumping, his eyes light up and he grins. (p.3-4) He additionally feels powerful – “He strode in a sheat of fireflies.” (p.3) After he retransforms to the terminal, Montag is clearly peaceful, whistling via his hands in his pockets, jumping down the station’s pole and also “reasoning bit at all about nothing in specific.” (p.4)

Who does Montag satisfy on the method home?

He meets Clarisse McClellan, a brand-new neighbour who tells him “I’m seventeen and I’m crazy” and claims “I’m not afrassist of you at all.” (p.7)

Why is it ironic that so many type of human being are afraid of firemen? 

During his conversation, Montag says that “You never wash it off completely” referring to the kerosene. What might this mean symbolically?

This could mean that Montag constantly acts and also thinks favor a firemale, also when he’s not working; that being a firemale affects the means you see the human being. It can additionally mean that Montag doesn’t desire to wash off the smell totally, that he likes and also is proud of it. Tbelow are various other possible definitions.

Why does Montag laugh so often?

Clarisse appears to make Montag feel very uncomfortable and also as soon as people feel unsimple, they often laugh to hide their discomfort.

Why are billboards 200 feet long?

Since human being drive so fast that they wouldn’t be able to read a smaller billboard.

Why execute you think that Bradbury would certainly introduce Clarisse prior to Montag’s wife, Mildred?

Montag gets house via the question she asks lingering in his mind. Does what he finds at house have a conection with Clarisse’s question, “Are you happy”?

It is feasible that Clarisse is an extra crucial character than Mildred. In what way could she be more significant than Montag’s wife? Consider this as we relocate with the story.

The setting when Montag meets Clarisse is fairly romantic in a ghostly means – she’s pale and wearing a white dress, it’s dark, the leaves are falling roughly her – might Montag have romantic feelings towards Clarisse?

How do the doors work?

There is a kind of glove at the side of the door that Montag puts his hand also into and also the door opens. It’s a hand also print reader.

Why are tbelow so many sea imperiods on web page 12?

The photo of the sea gives us a feeling of the distance between Mildred and also Guy. The room appears empty bereason eextremely night the waves of sound from the little bit radios lug Mildred away until morning.

What is etched on Montag’s igniter?

His igniter, or lighter, has actually a salamander on it.

What did Montag hit through his foot?

He hit an empty pill bottle.

What has Montag’s wife done?

She has actually taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

What are the 2 devices being supplied on Montag’s wife? What execute they do?

They put a snake-like machine dvery own her throat to clean out her stomach, and also one more machine offers her fresh blood.

What is the attitude of the males towards Mildred?

The men don’t treatment around Mrs. Montag, they treat her prefer a maker. They are dressed choose workmen and also are extremely informal. As shortly as they end up they are ready to move on.

Wright here does the laughter that Montag hears come from?

It comes from Clarisse’s house following door.

How is life in Montag’s home very different to that in Clarisse’s house?

Montag sees that Clarisse’s house is bappropriate and full of life, the household are talking. When Montag went back residence his house was dark and silent.

Explain Montag’s toaster. What does it do?

It renders the toast and then a hand also like a spider takes the toast, puts butter on it and also holds it out for Montag.

What does Mildred have in her ears?

Tiny little bit radios prefer thimbles


What did Mildred remember (or pretend to remember) of the night before?

She doesn’t show up to remember anything, or perhaps she is just denying it.

What sort of routine is Mildred going to watch in the afternoon?

An interactive TV drama.

Exsimple Montag’s television. What does Mildred want for the tv that Montag clintends they cannot afford?

The TV screens take up one whole wall each. At the minute, they have 3 screens, so 3 wall surfaces of the room are TV displays, and Mildred wants a display screen for the other wall so she deserve to have actually the TV all around her. However before, Guy thinks it is also expensive.

What does Clarisse rub under her chin? Why?

A dandelion. She says that if it renders your chin yellow, you are in love. Her chin becomes yellow, but Montag’s does not. He realizes the fact of this – that he doesn’t really love anyone.

What does Clarisse’s psychiatrist desire to know?

Why she goes out and hikes about in the woodlands and also watches butterflies.

According to Clarisse, exactly how is Montag “not choose the others”?

Because as soon as she talks, he looks at her and actually listens. The various other fireguys would not perform that.

What execute the firemales bet on on dull nights?

They bet on just how lengthy it will take the hound to capture and kill tiny animals.

What happens when Montag touches the muzzle of the Mechanical Hound?

It growls and exoften tends its needle, which makes him feel intimidated.

How did Montag escape the Hound and obtain to the upper level of the firehouse?

He grabbed hold of the pole and it immediately lifted him upstairs.

What is Montag’s theory on why the Hound reacted the way it did?

He thinks that someone programed it to react aggressively in the direction of him.

How many type of times before had actually the Hound reacted this method toward Montag?

“Last month it happened twice.”

Why has Montag never had any type of children?

He claims Mildred never wanted any.

What is various about Montag’s laugh?

It sounds a lot even more peaceful that it did before.

Exsimple a institution day in the world of Fahrenheit 451.

At college, the students are maintained busy and also just listen and copy dvery own answers. School is only for indoctrinating the students; they never before have to think for themselves. Subjects include sports, transcription history and paint. The ‘teacher’ is on film, informing the students answers without them asking concerns.

Why does Clarisse find it odd that human being discover her to be antisocial?

She thinks it is weird because she is constantly trying to talk to human being, but her topics are not the type of topics world talk around anyeven more, so human being don’t favor her.

Name one thing that Clarisse talks about that is different now than in the past.

She claims her uncle can remember a time once kids didn’t offered to kill each other.These days young people go to one-of-a-kind design template parks or game centres where they can bully civilization, smash cars and break home windows. The also race cars and play chicken. Chicken requires driving at each various other or towards a cliff, and also seeing who ‘chickens out’ initially.

What did the radio in the fireresidence say?

It said that war was brewing.

What happens to human being that attempt to fool the government?

They gain locked up in asylums.

Why was Montag foolish to use the phrase “Once upon a time”?

This expression originates from fairy stories, so Beatty knew that Montag need to have review it in a book. At the last book burning, he had actually looked at one line from a book.

What is the history of Firemen of America?

The created background is that the firemen were establimelted in 1790 to burn English-influenced books in America.

How is the fire engine described?

It’s explained as an ovariety dragon.

What was different at Mrs. Hudson’s? What did Montag not like around the way things were being done?

Normally, the police go to a residence prior to the firemen and arrest the human being in the residence. Due to the fact that they are taken away initially, Montag thinks they are not hurting anyone, just clearing up points. This time, the police didn’t go first, so the woman was still there. Montag felt irritated and embarrassed bereason he felt that she was spoiling the usual routine and he felt guilty around the method the firemen were behaving actually.

What does Montag do through the book that lands in his hand?

He put it under his arm to hide it. He felt as if his hand also did it by itself.

What does Beatty say to Mrs. Hudboy about the books?

He sassist that the world in the books were not genuine and that none of the books agreed through each other. Beatty talks about what is in the publications – he seems to understand more around literary works than the other firemen.

Who began the fire at Mrs. Hudson’s house?

Mrs Hudchild was holding a complement and she let it drop onto the kerosene, so she began the fire herself. This is a crucial scene in the novel, and you can watch the same scene from the movie variation of F451 here.

What piece of indevelopment does Beatty share through Montag that refers earlier to somepoint Mrs. Hudboy had said?

He explains wbelow the quote that Mrs Hudchild had sassist came from. This illustrates the depth of Beatty’s understanding. The quote was originally shelp by a guy who was shed for what he thought (in his situation, religious beliefs).

What question does Montag ask his wife once he ultimately talks to her?

He asks her where and when they first met. Neither of them can remember.

What does Montag cry about?

About the emptiness of his life.

What does Montag alert about the television shows?

He realizes that there is no actual story to any kind of of the TV reflects.

What does Mildred say about Clarisse to Montag?

She states that Clarisse’s family members has actually relocated away because Clarisse has been eliminated in a web traffic accident.

What did Montag imagine being outside his window?

He imagined the Mechanical Hound outside his window. Was it really there? We don’t recognize, however Montag seems persuaded that it knows his tricks.

What excuse is Montag trying to use to protect against going to work?

He says that he is sick. He has actually chills and also a fever, which might be manifestations of his very own conscientific research weighing upon him.

Why does Montag not desire to go to work anymore? What are some revelations he has actually had?

Montag has realized that he is dissatisfied with his occupational, his marital relationship and his life. Mrs Hudson’s willingness to die with her beloved publications has actually emphasized the fact that Montag has nothing that he cares deeply around and also that his task involves the damage of world and their thoughts and also principles. He is currently convinced that tright here must be somepoint meaningful in books; meaningfulful sufficient to die for.

Who comes to visit Montag?

Captain Beatty comes to his home to talk to him.

What does Mildred discover behind Montag’s pillow?

She finds the book that he had actually surprise the night prior to as she tries to change his pillow.

What word ended up being a swear word?

The word “intellectual” has actually become a swear word because if world have actually too much knowledge, (a) they think too a lot and become depressed, and also (b) they make others that are less intelligent feel stupid, which leads to inetop quality and social unremainder.

Why does culture reduced the kindergarten age year after year?

It was noticed that although society tried to educate kids in one means, the childrens’ family members can unperform the job-related of the colleges, so it ended up being essential to try to start educating the kids as early as feasible to make sure they were educated in the “correct” way.

According to Captain Beatty, if you don’t want a male unhappy politically, what perform you do?

Beatty says that you shouldn’t give civilization too many type of options otherwise they simply concern. Better to offer human being only one choice or even no choice at all. Notice that Beatty supplies the word “man” here quite than “people”. This type of use of language would certainly be considered sexist by many kind of world nowadays.

What does Beatty say about fireguys taking books?

He states that some firemen come to be curious about books and take one to read. A fireman who does this is allowed to keep the book for 24 hours. If he hasn’t handed it in by then, the various other firemen will come and burn it (and also the remainder of his house) for him.

According to Clarisse’s uncle, why did the architects get rid of front porches?

Front porches were locations where civilization supplied to relax, think about assorted points and also chat to each various other. Society didn’t want people to execute things favor that, so they quit human being having porches.


About just how many type of publications had Montag hidden in the ventilator?

About 20 publications.

What happens best before Montag and Mildred start to review the books?

Just prior to they begin, the front door calls them to say there is someone at the door. They assume it is Beatty who has actually reverted.

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Tright here is one exceptionally crucial allude that Beatty mentions when he is talking to Montag. The government did not ban books at initially. Photography, film and also tv made it possible to current principles in a simple way, so human being quit buying books. In addition, there were so many kind of human being who were offfinished by things created in books that people stopped buying publications altogether. The federal government then started burning publications to “protect” world. As we have actually seen, tright here are many civilization now that feel offfinished by books and desire to ban them. In fact, some civilization also desire to ban Fahrenheit 451 because they are offended by it. Watch a video clip news report here.