Usage English, Gerguy, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha"el) meaning "who is choose God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no perchild is like God. Michael is just one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition and the just one established as an archangel in the Holy bible. In the Publication of Daniel in the Old Testimony he is called as a protector of Israel. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is shown as the leader of heaven"s militaries in the battle versus Satan, and also is therefore considered the patron saint of soldiers in Christianity.

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The popularity of the saint brought about the name being used by nine Oriental majesties, consisting of Michael VIII Palaeologus who restored the empire in the 13th century. It has been common in Western Europe considering that the Center Ages, and in England also since the 12th century. It has actually been borne (in various spellings) by rulers of Russia (spelled Михаил), Romania (Mihai), Poland (Michał), and also Portugal (Miguel).

In the United States, this name swiftly obtained popularity start in the 1930s, ultimately ending up being the many popular male name from 1954 to 1998. However before, it was not as overwhelmingly common in the UK, wright here it never before reached the height spot.

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Famous bearers of this name include the British chemist/physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867), musician Michael Jackkid (1958-2009), and basketround player Michael Jordan (1963-).
VariantsMicheal(English) Mikael, Mikkel(Danish) Micael, Mikael(Swedish) Mikael, Mikkel(Norwegian) Michaël, Michiel, Maikel, Michel(Dutch) Michal(Czech) Mikhael(Biblical Greek)
DiminutivesMick, Miccrucial, Micky, Mike, Mikey(English) Micha, Michel, Michi(German) Micha, Mick(Dutch)
Feminine FormsMakayla, Mckayla, Michaela, Mikayla, Mica, Michayla, Mikhaila, Mikki(English) Michaela, Micha, Michi(German) Mikkeline(Danish) Michaela, Mikaela(Swedish) Michaela, Míša(Czech)
Other Languages & CulturesMikha"il(Arabic) Mikel, Mitxel(Basque) Mikhail(Belarusian) Mikha"el(Biblical Hebrew) Mikael(Breton) Mihail, Mikhail, Mincho, Minko, Misho(Bulgarian) Miquel(Catalan) Myghal(Cornish) Mihael, Mihovil, Miho, Mijo, Miško(Croatian) Miĥaelo, Mikelo, Miĉjo(Esperanto) Mihkel(Estonian) Mikkjal(Faroese) Mikael, Mika, Mikko, Miko, Miska(Finnish) Michel, Michaël, Mickaël(French) Mikheil, Misho(Georgian) Michail, Michalis, Mihail, Mihalis(Greek) Mikala(Hawaiian) Mikhael(Hebrew) Mihály, Miksa, Misi(Hungarian) Mícheál(Irish) Michele(Italian) Mihails, Miķelis(Latvian) Mykolas(Lithuanian) Mihail(Macedonian) Mikaere(Maori) Michał(Polish) Miguel, Micael, Miguelito(Portuguese) Mihai, Mihail, Mihăiță(Romanian) Michail, Mikhail, Misha, Mishka(Russian) Mihkkal(Sami) Mìcheal, Micheil(Scottish) Mihailo, Mihajlo, Mijo, Miša, Miško(Serbian) Michal(Slovak) Mihael, Miha(Slovene) Maikel, Miguel, Miguelito(Spanish) Mikail(Turkish) Mikhailo, Mykhailo, Mykhaylo, Mykhail(Ukrainian) Meical(Welsh)