You actually don’t recognize how quick you were going bereason you didn’t also think around tbelow being a police automobile lying in wait alengthy the road. Now you have actually a ticket to pay for speeding. What if we told you that you could have actually avoided that whole situation?

So, what if you were driving down the road and also your newly installed Escort Max 360C Radar Detector provides you the alert that you may be approaching a speed trap. You look down and also notification that you are speeding and also take your foot off the accelerator.

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Your detector has actually alerted you to the presence of X band, K band, or Ka bands in the location. The crisis has been averted! You casually wave at the police officer sitting simply off the roadmethod and go around your business.

See how your day deserve to readjust completely by installing a radar detector?

Radar detectors are supplied to detect police radar firearms that are in usage in your vicinity so that you deserve to slow-moving dvery own in time to avoid a speeding ticket.Radar uses radio waves to “see” far-off objects by bouncing the waves off an item and also seeing just how long it takes for the wave to rerevolve. The radio waves of the police radar gun put out different forms of radar bands – X band, K band also, or Ka bands. These bands deserve to be compared to 3 different radio stations. That is why radar detectors are tuned to detecting these particular bands. When the detector detects these bands, it emanates a “beep” that alerts the user of radar existence.

When a radar detector detects a police officer’s radar gun, it cautions you with messperiods around X band, K band, or Ka bands. These are the bands that the police officer’s radar guns run on.

Radar Detector Alerts - what perform they mean?

What is an X band?

X band also alert?

If you are driving in the city, it is virtually certainly not valid. In a rural location, it can be a false alert or a police radar.

X band radar is a kind of radar wave that falls between 8.0 GHz and 12 GHz, with legislation enforcement radar guns operating roughly 10.5 GHz. X band is the earliest type of police radar frequency, yet it is not used as frequently now as it supplied to be. Even though some civilization like to rotate off the X band also detection on their radar detectors, it is wise to leave it on as some older radar guns still run on the X band.


What is a K band?


K band alert?

Slow dvery own, yet it might be a false alert.

K band also radar are radar waves that fall in between 18 GHz and also 27 GHz, via a lot of of the regulation enforcement radar firearms operating at 24.125 GHz and also 24.15 GHz. Police radar started detecting through K band also a few years after X band also was introduced. The biggest problem through the K band is that it leads to the majority of false advises provided.

What is a Ka band?

Ka band alert?

Slow down! It is almost certainly the police.

Ka band also radar are radar waves in between 33 .4 GHz and 36.0 GHz. These are the the majority of recent and also the best radar band frequencies that legislation enforcement can operate on. Tright here are as many type of as 5 various frequencies that these waves can operate on. The Ka is the hardest frequency to detect, and only the finest radar detectors have the right to perform so.


You desire to be safe on the road. makes it feasible through the usage of dash cams and radar detectors via the Signature Bundles. Each Signature Bundle is curated to sell you and your drive the ultimate protection from the extremely best dash cams, battery packs, and also other necessary accessories and the choice to add on the Escort Max 360C radar detector.

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The Escort Max 360C Radar Detector through dash electronic camera add-on allows drivers to drive smarter! Escort uses the Ticket-Free Guarantee, Lightning Quick Response, and False Alert Filtering. Let the innovation aid get rid of false cautions via an award-winning application.

Not certain if dash cams and radar detectors are legal in your area? We have an article on that, too! Discover about the laws and guidelines in your province and as soon as crossing the border.