I am SICK of hearing that "energy comes in packets". I understand also what they are saying, but I don't comprehend it, or understand also the intuition behind it. Someone PLEASE clear this up for me. Obviously, I sheight English, and I understand the words, but I don't comprehfinish the deep meaning or even the context to which this statement it applies to.Do they mean "energy come in packets" as soon as light is took in by the electrons, or once the electrons offer off power after being hit by light? And WHY does power come in packets? WTF, it doesn't make any sense. You have the right to tell me you milked a dinosaur, however it makes absolutely no sense. SOMEONE CLEAR THIS UP!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
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Quanta was the shorthand supplied during beforehand researches on the topic of electromagnetic energy. Its perfectly reasonable to specify the quanta as photons, and also you more than likely recognize that pholots are the discrete "particles" of light. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum
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I am well-known to be occasionally wrong.

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Quantized energy means that if you take a details system (say, a molecule) its energy will take only some values, so it have the right to emit only some pholoads (as it emits switching in between two allowed power levels).However, as tbelow are infinitely many forms of devices, once you find a lone photon traveling in room it have the right to have any kind of power - as it might have been emitted by any source.In other words: energy is quantized for a provided mechanism, however not in general.
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I would choose to let the late Ricdifficult Feynguy discuss this ... :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMDTcMD6pOwbesides that: as much as we understand, there is no such point choose a "deeper meaning" in the means mother nature works (and also she doesn't offer a damn 'bout it whether WE prefer this case , or not)at some suggest in science history , we uncovered out that nature has some exceptionally bizarre attributes, incomprehensible at that , anti intuitive and also flustering , and absolutely contradicting every little thing that appeared evident / logical for beings that had (and still have) "senses" evolved and suited to endure in a civilization measured from fractions of a millimeter to some hundred kilometers.It took us an eternity to realize that hills might thrive (or end up being eroded) and also continents might drift, that light has actually a velocity and that the earth is not flat: those were incredibly extremely disturbing realisations for the world of those times, as this lay method past the what their senses / societies were signalizing to them.In the early years of the last century, along came Albert Einstein with another brand-new collection of mindboggling, disturbing and also couterintuitive claims: that the speed of light not just was finite, however also the best velocity that is , (and that no remainder mass unequal zero might be sped up to this velocity), that time is nopoint that just floats along for everyting the exact same means, however that it relies on the relative speed of a given body with respect to other bodies ...... and also additionally, alengthy came Max Planck , stating that power comes in well-identified qauanta (therefore avoiding the "ultraviolet catastrophe" ,which otherwise would cause our sunlight to emit all its energy in a instantaneous , single gigantic outburst - and be done with it)so much, these insights host (for, by currently, favor a hundred years of ruthless counter testing attempts), and also opened access to scientific fields choose quantum mechanics or technologies favor ... your computertherefore, think it ... or notits approximately you whether you desire to remain in touch via reality*)regardsIngo*)compared to the over, still even greater difficulties to the mind lay ahead, favor our image of the cosmos in the light of "dark matter / dark power / anti - gravity", or a finish "fresh" physics in the realm of sub- Planck range places like with strings and also branes in SuSythe world is a stvariety place ...

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Tright here is a theory which claims that if ever before anybody discovers precisely what the Universe is for and also why it is here, it will certainly instantly disappear and be replaced by something also more bizarre and also inexplicable. Tright here is an additional theory which says that this has already happened.(Douglas Adams)
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Re: What carry out they suppose that power is "quantized"?
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Energy being quantized - as in your title - and also power coming in packets - as in light - are two very different concepts. They both aclimb from the very same thing essentially, Max Planck's derivation of the smallest scale on which anything in the universe can relocate need to Einstein's law of light be universally and constantly true.