I understand what it means. Basically, for the example over, it would certainly intend "That"s not my kind of thing."

I understand it"s been approximately a while, since 60s hero Austin Powers was always saying it. So I"m guessing it"s 60s slang, that"s still hanging on this particular day.

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But why a "bag"? Did "bag" acquire supplied to intend a generic point in various other context? Is it brief for somepoint, or rhyming slang. Any ideas?



The OED specifies this bag as:

c. fig. A preoccupation, mode of behaviour or experience; a distinctive style or category; esp. a characteristic manner of playing jazz or comparable music. Cf. bag of tricks at feeling 18a. slang (orig. U.S.).

1960 J. Hendricks in D. Cerulli et al. Jazz Word (1962) 140 Lack of acceptance is a drag... Man, that"s really in an additional bag.1962 Jazz Jrnl. Mar. 30 ‘Bag’ is a present piece of trade jargon for hip musicians, and also suggests somepoint between a personal style and a body of work.

They further say:

(not) to be one"s bag slang (orig. U.S.): (not) to complement one"s individual style, taste, or preference; (not) to form part of one"s interemainder, preoccupation, or area of expertise. Typically in negative contexts. Cf. point *n.*1 4d.

1966 N.Y. Times 20 Nov. d13/2 They were trying to categorize me..as a racial satirist, yet that"s not my bag. Let"s say I deal in universal human foibles.

1961 examples

I discovered some 1961 examples of this sense of bag.

Billboard magazine (6 Nov 1961) has the following in a list of brand-new LPs to be released by Verve. Cal Tjader was a Latin jazz musician and also Verve Records is an Amerihave the right to jazz document label

STAN GETZ AND BOB BROOKME YER— V-V6-8418 (Nov.)IN A LATIN BAG— Cal Tjader— V-V6-8419 (Nov.)THE TRIO— Osauto Peterchild, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen— V-V6-8420 (Nov.)BUDDY RICH BLUES-CARAVAN— V-V6- 8425 (Nov.)

Billboard of 20th November 1961 has actually an advert from Verve:

IN A LATIN BAG-Cal Tjader"s torrid team in a routine of crackling Latin-American jazz. Sensational sound!

And Billboard of the complying with week (27 Nov 1961) has a review:

IN A LATIN BAG Cal Tjader. Verve V 8419— Here"s a warmth and winning jazz collection, which which combines Latin rhythms via jazz, and also does it stylishly. Cal Tjader, through Armando Peroza, Paul Horn, Al McKibbon, Wilfreperform Vicent, Johnny Re and also Lonnie Hewitt, handle the charts with ease, and also the disk marks a noteworthy debut for Tjader on the label. The tunes are mostly originals, sparked by by Tjader"s "Davito" and also "Paunetos Point," plus excellent readings of "Sheight Low," and also "Ben Hur," from the present flick. Lucid, systematic jazz right here.

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A snippet of Down beat magazine dated 1961 contains a review of Tina Brooks" True Blue album, released in 1960:

Soul is as necessary earthy, tool tempoed, and melodically a little bit cynical regarding what jazz bag it belongs in.