In this song, Beyoncé recalls a passionate intimate experience with her lover which was literally influenced by some alcohol. She uses the term ‘drunk’ in its literal feeling and also as a euphemism for being consumed by love.

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The singer starts by confessing how unmanageable she gets when she consumes the majority of liquor. Her desires are mostly targeted at her lover and also husband, Jay-Z that she clintends cannot acquire his eyes of her substantial behind. Beyoncé explains that they obtained blacked out after taking so many kind of drinks and uncovered themselves lying in the kitchen. All they clearly remember from the previous night is their intimate encounter.

Beyoncé proceeds to tell her lover just how she felt around their drunken love session and the fact that she wants even more. Jay additionally raps about repeating the intimate encounter shortly while he brags around his sensual prowess and also whether she deserve to take care of him aacquire. Beyoncé ends by admitting that she’ll never before get worn down of their love or the drinks that keeps them on edge.


Writing and Production of “Drunk in Love”

Beyoncé Knowlescomposedthiship-hop tune together with Jay-Z. The pair was assisted by many renownedwriters, consisting of the likes ofthe following:

DetailTimbalandJ-RocDre MoonBrian SokoBootsRasool Diaz

“Drunk In Love” wasproducedjointly byBeyoncé, together with Detail. Additional production was done by J-Rocalongside Boots, Soko, and Timberland also.

Court Case involving “Drunk in Love”


The song picked up two honors at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Itwas honored as the BestR&B SongandBest R&BPerformanceat that year’s ceremony. The single, prior to winning aGrammy, had actually initially won an award forBest Collaborationatthe BET Awards in 2014.

TheRolling Stonemagazine selected “Drunk inLove” as the best track for 2014.

Remixes, Covers and also Sampling

The main remix for this song was released by rapper,Kanye West on the 1fourth of February 2014. Several various other remix versions have beenreleased, including the ones percreated by American rapper T.I. and Canadiansinger/document producer, The Weeknd, which were both released in 2014.

The song’s popularity has caused miscellaneous cover versions from a host ofperdeveloping artists. A famous cover of this track was done by English singer,Ed Sheeran in 2014, where he performed an acoustic variation live on theElvisDuran and the Morning Show.

Several documents have actually samples of “Drunk In Love” incorporated inthem. They encompass the following:

FrenchMontana’s 2014 track, titled, “Don’t Panic” 2014’s “Good Morning” by Future

Rapper, Lil Wayne sampled this tune in his 2015 song that has the sametitle as this track. That song featured Christina Milian.

Amerihave the right to singer-songwriter Solangeinterpolatedsections of “Drunk inLove” in her 2019 track, named, “Sound of Rain”. The 2014 song, “G.O.M.D.”by J.Cole likewise has extremely prominent interpolations of this track.

Chart Success

“Drunk In Love” knowledgeable enormous success in the USA, ranking at No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song verified equally successful outside the U.S., peaking at No.9 on the UK Singles chart and also chartering inside the top 20 in several European countries, including France.

Notable Live Performance of “Drunk in Love”

Beyoncé alongside Jay-Z perdeveloped this tune at the opening of the 2014 Grammy Awards. This marked the first ever before live performance by the duo for this song.

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Was this Beyoncé’s first teamwork through Jay-Z?

No. Prior to this hit song, Beyoncé had collaborated withrapper, Jay-Z on multiple jobs. One of such good collabos between the 2 wasthe 2003 song titled, “Crazy in Love”.

When did “Drunk in Love” come out?

It came out on the 17th of December 2013. It was the lead singlefrom Beyoncé’s self-titled album of 2013.

Wbelow was the song’s video filmed?

The video was filmed in Florida and directed by famous video director, Hype Williams.

Another Notable Performance

Below is one more iconic performance of this song by Beyas soon as and Ed Sheeran. The performance took area in 2015 at the Global Citizen Festival in New York’s renowned Central Park.